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The Esophagor is a monsterous creature that can be found in the Haunted Woods. He lives underground and is constantly hungry. He has a peculiar manner of speaking that involves him drawing out his syllables. The Esophagor serves as a quest game in which users are tasked with finding specific Spooky Food items. By completing two of Esophagor's quests, users can learn the answers they need to complete a Brain Tree quest.

The Esophagor is one of the many challengers that can be fought in the Battledome. He is also a boss in the game NeoQuest II. He played a small role in the Tale of Woe plot, and he is also featured in a Key Quest mini-game called Ghastly Guzzler.

Esophagor Quests[edit]

In order to start a quest for the Esophagor, the user must first visit him and click the Sure I will find you food button. The Esophagor will then request 1 to 3 specific Spooky Food items. To complete the quest, the user must place the requested items into their inventory and then visit the Esophagor and click the I have your food! button. The Esophagor will then reward the user with a randomly selected item that has a rarity of 89 or less. If the user is on a Brain Tree quest, the Esophagor will also reveal one of the two pieces of information that the user needs to please the Brain Tree. To obtain the other piece of information, the user must complete a second Esophagor quest.

Each Esophagor quest has a randomly selected time limit that is always somewhere between 1 and 2 hours. If the user does not bring back the requested items within the given time limit, they will fail the quest. There is no penalty for failing an Esophagor quest. Users can complete up to 10 Esophagor quests each day.

The Tale of Woe[edit]

The Esophagor speaks.
Main article: The Tale of Woe

While searching for information about the Spirit of Slumber, Sophie, Bruno, and Gilly visited the Esophagor and asked him when Spirit of Slumber died. The Esophagor responded that he would need the spirit's true name in order to know the date of his death. Since the Brain Tree needed to know the when the spirit died in order to reveal his name, the trio found themselves in an impossible situation. In the end, Sophie decided that digging up all of the graves in the Haunted Woods would be a better way to figure out the spirit's identity.

It is also briefly mentioned that Sophie had a previous bad experience with the Esophagor, though no details about this experience are given.

NeoQuest II[edit]

Main article: NeoQuest II

The Esophagor serves as the final boss for the Haunted Woods portion of the game NeoQuest II. Rohane and his party must defeat the Esophagor in order to reach Edna.

M4125 edaf6.gif HP:
2,000Easy · 2,500Medium · 3,000Hard
  • Rampant Acceleration - 38% haste
  • Slowing Strike - 5% slow
  • 3 weapons / armor
  • 500 Gold
NP Reward:
1,500 NP

Opening Dialogue:

The Esophagor moans as you approach, "Yyyooouuu ssshhhooulllddd nnottt hhaavveee ccoommeee heeerre...... pprreeeppaarree ttooo ddiiiiiiiieeeeeee!"

Flee Dialogue:

The Esophagor hurls some slime at you as you run away. "Bbeeggoonneee, ccoowwaaarrdddss!"

Defeat Dialogue:

The Esophagor begins to ooze over your bodies as you fall unconscious. You can already feel him digesting you...

Victory Dialogue:



Portrait 8.png
The Esophagor
Difficulty: 49Easy · 74Medium · 98Hard Starting HP: 53Easy · 80Medium · 106Hard
Arena: Rattling Cauldron Released: November 14, 2001
Status: Active Challenger ID: 8
Found by: Completing one of his quests

Grand Lightning Beam
Level 2 Bubble Beam
Slime Net
Slime Pendant
Slime Potion
Sludge Hammer
Web Claw


Better Than You[edit]

The Esophagor has been featured in Better Than You:

Date: November 1, 2012 Myyyy dinnnnneerrrr is misssinnng. The laaaast perrrrsonn I sennnt to fiiiind iiiit got losssssst in the graaaaaveyaaaard… You would probbabllyyyy jusssst get lossssst as wellll…
Game: Mutant Graveyard of Doom II
Score: 3,000
Prize: Slime Soup

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