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Various dice possibilities.

Dice-A-Roo is a luck-based dice game that originated on Roo Island and made popular by King Roo. Dice-A-Roo is considered to be the Island's official game.

How to play[edit]

There are five dice, and you play the game by rolling one at a time. You start with the red die, then move to the blue one, the green one, the yellow one, and lastly the silver die. Each die has a number of faces, each one of these will have a special effect.

You can earn Neopoints by rolling the dice, and these Neopoints are added to a pot. You can stop the game by collecting the pot at any time, or you can continue and risk losing everything (some of the dice have nasty things on them as well).

Each die has a face called Proceed. If you get this then you go onto the next die. There will also be a face called Lose. If you lose then the game stops and you lose all the Neopoints in your pot.

The silver die has a face called Jackpot!. This is the aim of the game! If you manage to get all the way to the silver die and get this then you will win the jackpot (which could be thousands!!!!!).

1 in 10 games of Dice-A-Roo has a 10X JACKPOT MULTIPLIER BONUS!!!

Any time that you take the money you are ending the game, and for this reason it is almost always smarter to keep rolling, however high the pot is. You could easily win food, lottery tickets, or even the jackpot if you continue.

Roll Outcomes[edit]

There are eight possible outcomes when you roll the die, although not all of them are available on all the dice.

  • Check Mark - Win Neopoints. Win a random number of Neopoints. The number of Neopoints you can win increases on each successive die.
  • X Mark - Lose Neopoints. Lose a random number of Neopoints, have the number of Neopoints you have cut in half, or lose them all. The number of Neopoints can not go below zero.
  • Arrow/Triangle - Level up? Gives you the chance of going to the next die.
  • Skull and Crossbones - Lose. May make you lose the game and require that you start over. You may get a second chance.
  • Circle/O - Nothing Happens. Self explanitory. Does not appear on the Red Die.
  • Question Mark - Mysterious Wind. Similar to Circle. On the Silver Die could be a Pant Devil Attack or Lottery Ticket Win. Does not appear on the Red or Blue Dice.
  • Package - Win Item. Items vary by Die colour and include Food items, Lottery Tickets, and Bottled Faeries. Does not appear on the Red or Blue Dice.
  • NP Bag - Jackpot


Every time you roll the die a Blumaroo is at the bottom of the page making random comments. The Blumaroos are either Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Spotted or Purple. Examples of their comments include:

  • 'Boing!'
  • 'This job is so much better than being a bingo ball.'
  • 'Blumaroos love Nachos. I bet you didn't know that!'
  • 'Take the money!! Take the money!!'
  • 'My tail hurts!'
  • 'I think you can win faeries from this game. :)'
  • 'Did you hear about the sixth dice? It's a secret!'
  • 'Tra la la!'
  • 'Put a NeoBadge on your site!'
  • 'So, have YOU adopted a Blumaroo yet?
  • 'Please stop the Monocerous from eating all my friends. :('
  • 'Have you got a homepage for your pet yet???'
  • 'I'm hungry!'
  • 'A Blumaroo is a fun, clean pet, so adopt one today!'


  • A bug which made it impossible to win the jackpot occurred in December 2006 and caused the jackpot to rise up to several millions.
  • Although the dice rolling is totally random, each die increases in difficulty. That is, the yellow die will have the "game over" and "lose" faces appear more often than it will on the blue or red dice.
  • This game has an avatar, unlocked by winning the jackpot.
  • This game is only allowed to be played by registered users who are over 13.

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