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ID # 67
World Lost Desert
Category Card & Board
High Scores
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Pyramids is a web-based card game in the Lost Desert, run by Tehuti. It appears to be inspired by a form of solitaire of the same name, which is somewhat similar in appearance except it is played considerably differently.

Each game costs 50 NP, and a user can continue playing until they win a total of 5000 NP. After this, they can continue playing for free, and their game points will accumulate, but they will not earn any further NP.


In Pyramids, there is a seven-tiered triangle formed from playing cards. They are arranged so that each tier has one more card than the previous. There are two stacks of cards outside of the triangle - the stack, which is face-down, and the target card, which is face-up.

To start with, only the lower tier of cards is visible - the others are face down.

How to play[edit]

Game completion image.

The object of the game is to remove all the cards from the pyramid. A card can be taken from the pyramid if it is face-up, and is either one higher or one lower than the current target card - aces are both high and low. When it is taken, it is placed on top of the target stack and becomes the new target card.

The top card of the face-down stack can be placed on top of the target stack for a new target card. There are only 23 cards in the face-down stack, and the stack is not replenished through the game. If the game comes to a point where the face-down stack is empty, and no visible card is one higher or one lower than the target card, then the game ends.

When two adjacent cards are removed from the triangle, the card above, which has no cards from the lower tier on top of it, is turned face-up, and must also be removed.


Trophies available from Pyramids. Top Row: High Score Trophies, Bottom Row: Number of Wins Trophies.

Points are scored by removing cards from the pyramid. The more cards that are removed consecutively, without drawing a new target card, the more points each removal earns. If the entire pyramid is cleared, 500 bonus points are acquired.

The points accumulate to form a player's high score at the end of each game.

Every three months, the accumulated scores are wiped.


There are two sets of trophies that can be earned from playing. There is the standard high score trophy, as well as a set of three trophies for the number of wins - completely clearing the pyramid - a player has. A bronze trophy is earned at two wins, a silver for five and a gold for two consecutive wins.

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