Lost Desert

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Lost Desert
Pronunciation: lost dez-ert
Released: 21 June, 2001
Yooyuball team: Team Lost Desert
The Lost Desert · The City of Sakhmet · The City of Qasala

The Lost Desert is an arid region in Neopia's southern hemisphere. It was discovered by the rest of Neopia as part of the Brucey B and the Lucky Coin plot, when Brucey B managed to travel south through the Haunted Woods. The Desert is shared by two kingdoms, the second of which was introduced following the Lost Desert Plot.

For the most part, the Lost Desert has an Ancient Egyptian theme, but also shows Arabic and ancient Persian stylistic elements. The climate for Lost Desert is generally hot, and it's usually the hottest place in all of Neopia. In the summer, the temperature is usually around 50 degrees and it almost never rains. In the winter, it's much cooler than the summer, but is still very warm, and it occasionally rains.


The Lost Desert has a large number of shops spread across the two cities. There are also several daily-events, such as Coltzan's Shrine, the Fruit Machine, and the Lost Desert Scratchcard Kiosk. Games can be found in either the Desert or Sakhmet City.

The Lost Desert[edit]

Games: Suteks Tomb, Pyramids, Swarm, Tug-O-War

The Desert area consists mainly of games but is also the entrance to The City of Sakhmet and The City of Quasala where more activities can be found.

The City of Sakhmet[edit]

Shops: Peopatra's Petpets, Lost Desert Foods, Osiri's Pottery, Sakhmet Battle Supplies, Lost Desert Medicine, Lost Desert Scratch Cards, Sutek's Scrolls
Games: Geos, Fruit Machine, Sakhmet Solitaire
  • Colouring Pages: This area contains Desert themed colouring pages.
  • Paintbrush Stall: Here you can see all the Neopets who can be painted with the Desert colour.

The City of Qasala[edit]

Shops: Desert Arms, Mystical Surroundings, Qasalan Delights, Words of Antiquity

The Kingdoms in the Lost Desert[edit]

There are two cities in the current Lost Desert. There is the city of Sakhmet, capital of the most prosperous area of the Desert, and the newly rediscovered city of Qasala, which is in ruins but currently being repopulated. Shortly after its discovery, Dr. Frank Sloth invaded the Lost Desert and attacked Sakhmet, succeeding in taking the Sakhmetian palace before his forces were beaten back and the magic Staff of Alhasutek was destroyed.


The City of Sakhmet

A city of spires and domes, Sakhmet is constructed predominantly of sandstone. It was occupied by Dr Sloth when he invaded, and he managed to build a space-worthy escape pod into one of the towers. The Royal Palace of Sakhmet is one of the most stunning structures in the Neopian World.

The Sakhmetian Royal Family went through a time of turbulence after the Lost Desert was discovered. Following the poisoning of King Coltzan III in a move to usurp the throne, and the Royal Family held an investigation in which it drafted in the users to analyse the case, with the promised reward of items from the Royal Treasury (priceless Battle Scarabs). After the case was closed, a shrine was erected in the King's honour, in which was placed his Crown, which was said to be inhabited by the ghost of Coltzan. As the shrine was unveiled, however, it emerged that the cunning Malkus Vile, a crime lord, had had the crown stolen - The Hunt for the Crown was on. Since the crown was returned, the Ghost of Coltzan blesses Neopets who mourn at his obelisk.

The Royal Family of Sakhmet went under another turbulent time, when the Princess Amira (who had inherited the throne from Coltzan III) received Prince Jazan IV of Qasala who demanded her hand in marriage based on some document of betrothment he had gathered from somewhere. He believed that marrying a Sakhmetain Princess would restore his lands and people, so when the Princess refused, he stole the City away with dark magic, where it became plagued by his demons. When he fell in love with Nabile (who could be seen as a princess of thieves, though she was directly descended from Princess Neera so technically she is a real princess, as a matter of fact, and she's Princess Amira's cousin), they married and Jazan restored Sakhmet, but his land did not prosper again and in fact the prophecy he fulfilled brought back to life his wicked, power-mad father Razul who attacked the Lost Desert until he was stopped.


The City of Qasala

A once-beautiful city that fell on hard times and is now mostly in ruins after being obliterated 200 years ago by a sandstorm. Amongst the ruined buildings lie caches of histories and magic. One of the more notable buildings is the Temple of 1,000 Tombs.

This once thriving city had a very well respected Royal Family, until Razul cursed his own people, and his own son, Jazan, and laid down a prophecy that would enable him to live again after his death. Both Razul and Jazan controlled considerable sorcery. Since then, it has been haunted by the Spirit of the Ruins, a Grundo-like spirit.

Qasala has a Royal Treasury that is accessible through the game The Great Qasalan Caper which supposedly stores one hundred golden statues created by Jazan's craftsmen for Nabile. The treasury is overrun with dangerous Petpets and isn't considered a safe location.


Main article: Team Lost Desert

Lost Desert was hovering around the cup for four years and only had two bronze medals to show for it. But in 2010, they finally won the cup with their outstanding defense.


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Desert is is one of the many colours that users can paint their Neopets and Petpets. In general, Desert pets are light brown in colour and are dressed in desert themed clothing. The Desert colour for Neopets was released on June 22, 2001, and the Desert colour for Petpets was released on September 26, 2007

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