Mynci Beach Volleyball

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Mynci Beach Volleyball
Mynci Beach Volleyball
ID # 315
World Mystery Island
Category Action
High Scores
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Mystery Island is great, it's hot most of the year, and there is always a beautiful tropical breeze. Why not head down to the beach and play a spot of Volleyball? Mynci Beach Volleyball to be precise!


The meaning of the game is to play the basic principles of Beach volleyball. You have to score on by dropping the ball on the opponents ground. Every match starts with a Mynci serving the ball. You are also able to jump to give the ball more effect.

In order to win, you have to achieve 12 points (each point is achieved by a ball on the other side) and with a difference of at least 2 points. You will continue untill someone has 2 points more then the other.

How to Play[edit]

If you play single player mode, it means that you're playing against the Red Mynci controled by the computer. And thus play with the Blue Mynci yourself. To play, simply use the arrow keys to go left, right and jump. Hit the ball over the net, and try and make it land in the opponent's court.

When playing multiplayer, the Red (right) Mynci can be played with the arrow keys and the Blue (left) Mynci can be played with the D, X, V keys.


You can acces several powerups if you throw the ball on a floating Pawkeet in the air. These powerups can also be accessed by the opposite computer-controled Mynci. The powerups are:

  • Supersize: Makes the Mynci very big and makes it thus easier to hit the ball.
  • Superspeed: Makes the Mynci very fast.
  • Superjump: Makes the Mynci jump very high.
  • Giant Ball: Makes the ball much bigger and thus easier to hit.
  • Small Net: Makes the net alot smaller and makes is easier to throw the ball over.
  • Big Net: Makes the net alot bigger and makes it harder to throw the ball over.
  • Watch out for the Turdle: Puts a Turdleon the opposites side ground. If you step on it, you will not be able to move untill the other Mynci has scored.

Powerups can be combined in a certain way. If the opposite Mynci hits the pawkeet and receives the "Supersize" powerup, you can later hit the pawkeet and receive the "Superspeed" powerup for instance. However, if you hit the pawkeet twice in a row, only the last achieved powerup will last.

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