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Guess the Card
Guess the Card
ID # 14
World Neopia Central
Category Luck & Chance
High Scores
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Guess the Card is a Luck and Chance game released on (need date) that allows users the chance to test the psychic ability of their Neopets.

How to play[edit]

For 10 Neopoints per game, select one of the 6 cards presented. If the card chosen by the user is the same card that the Neopet picks, 50 NP are awarded. There is also a chance that the pet's intelligence may increase.


  • Guess the Card is similar to the psychic tests performed in the 1980's.
  • Before each game, the active Neopet says a different random phrase...
    • Fear me, the master of all things psychic
    • I am Psychic!
    • I can sense your thoughts
    • I see... I see a city in the clouds
    • I see the future!
    • This game's too easy!
  • Guess the Card is featured in 2 different items.

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