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Hasee Bounce
Hasee Bounce
ID # 368
World Mystery Island
Category Action
High Scores
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Hasee Bounce is an action game for kids released on March 4, 2004, where users take on the role of the Hasees Jimmi and Woogy as they spend their days jumping into the Mystery Island trees for Doughnutfruit.

How to play[edit]

For 2 minutes and 25 seconds, users must collect as much doughnutfruit as they can before time runs out. They do this by having Jimmi and Woogy work together as they continually jump on the seesaw as the doughnutfruit flies across the screen. Movement of Jimmi and Woogy is controlled by the mouse, with Jimmi and Woogy following it as they walk on the branch and jump up and down, while jumping is activated by the left mouse button. Movement can also be controlled by the arrow keys and the spacebar, which is the preferred method of more advanced players. All the doughnutfruit Jimmi and Woogy can eat are:

  • Yellow Doughnutfruit = 1 Point
  • Letter Doughnutfruit = 2 Points, +2 seconds
  • Blue Doughnutfruit = 3 Points
  • Green Doughnutfruit = 4 points
  • Silver Doughnutfruit = 5 points
  • Gold Doughnutfruit = 10 points
  • Checkered Doughnutfruit = 12 points
  • Sponge Doughnutfruit = 15 points
  • Flaming Doughnutfruit = 18 points
  • Rainbow Doughnutfruit = 20 points
  • Icy Doughnutfruit = 40 points
  • Fish Doughnutfruit = 50 points
  • TPOSG = 42 points

Besides doughnutfruit, piles of dung and snot fly across the screen, which will make Jimmi and Woogy sick if they eat them and temporarily unable to eat doughnutfruit. There are also Lettered Doughnutfruit, which can only be eaten by each of the different coloured Hasee (Woogy the Orange Hasee only picks up orange letters and Jimmi the Purple Hasee only picks up purple letters). If users collect all five letters (H,A,S,E,E) in the game, 20 seconds will be added to the timer, allowing for extended play. However, users collect all five letters of the same colour, a 40 second bonus is given!

Also, typing doughnutfruit while playing resets the timer back to 2 minutes and 25 seconds, but can only be used once per game. Sometimes the user isn't fast enough to type it before the timer runs out, and instead of typing it all at once can leave off the "t" at the end and press the "t" key on the keyboard at a later time to finish the phrase, reseting the timer.


There are two possible endings to the game. If the user finishes with a score of less than 100 points, the ending screen shows Jimmi and Woogy crying. A score of 100 or more shows them contentedly eating dougnutfruit.

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