Maths Nightmare

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Maths Nightmare
Maths Nightmare
ID # 885
World Faerieland
Category Puzzles
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Maths Nightmare is an educational puzzle game released on July 3, 2002. Users control the role of Imiya who has fallen asleep for a math test that she needs to pass the next day, but is tortured by nightmares of Babaas and mathematical equations. She needs to solve the equations so the Babaas can jump over the fence and keep sleeping.

The current version of the game was released on December 14, 2007 and the original moved to the Game Graveyard.

How to play[edit]


Users click on the Babaa with the puzzle they want to solve, using the number pad to type the answer in and hit the Enter key. The user must clear all the equations before the Babaas reach Imiya in order to go onto the next level. Sometimes a Mutant Babaa will appear, which gives a much more difficult equation than the level usually has. A users score is decided upon how long they have managed to survive multiplied by the bonus value for what types of equations they are solving...

  • Scorex1 - Addition
  • Scorex2 - Subtraction
  • Scorex3 - Multiplication
  • Scorex4 - Division
  • Scorex5 - Random Equations


The basic premise is similar except now players must finish each round before the alarm clock rings. There are 9 questions per round to answer. The clock will reset back to the midnight position at the end of rounds 3, 7, 12, and 17. Players may type letimiyasleep once per game to reset the alarm clock.

As each Babaa is held up on the left side of the fence a question will appear in a bubble. Typing in the correct answer will pop the bubble and allow the Babaa to leap the fence. Taking too long to answer a question will result in the corresponding Babaa being pushed out by the ones behind it, thus falling on the clock and ending the game.

Scoring is determined by two components: type of problem and level of difficulty. Each question is worth a different amount of points depending on the problem type.

  • Addition - 5
  • Subtraction - 10
  • Product - 15
  • Division - 20
  • Random - 25

Once the game is over, the level of difficulty determines by how much the score will be multiplied.

  • Easy Peasy - x1
  • Potato Counter - x2
  • Brain Tree - x3


Maths Babaa.gif
  • The Babaa - Maths Nightmare avatar was released on August 13, 2003. It's obtained by being in the top 50 on the high score table when trophies are awarded.
  • Maths Nightmare is featured in 3 different items, one of which is a book titled Maths Nightmare Tips, which is said to give interesting tactics for solving equations in record time. It, however, does nothing to effect gameplay.
  • The gameplay could be a joke referring to how people sometimes count sheep to stay asleep.

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