Snow Roller

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Snow Roller
Snow Roller
ID # 1076
World Terror Mountain
Category Action
High Scores
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Snow Roller is a game on Neopets, in which you guide a snowball down a large hill and immense cavern in Terror Mountain, also trying to grab a few items, using the left and right arrow keys, and the spacebar to jump. If you get an item, not only do you get extra points, but they can also be bad. If you get an item that is larger than your snowball (a faerie doll, a sled, etc.), your game will end. Watch out for obstacles, also, like trees, tree stumps, igloos, and more. There are 3 levels.


  • Black Hole Slushie; It has the appearance of a snow slushie of a slightly darker tone. By rolling over this, you may grab items that are not directly below you. But this can be dangerous if you are a small snowball, by grabbing an item larger than you.
  • Super Traction Slushie: It has the appearance of a blueberry slushie, but a bit darker. By rolling over this, you have much more control.
  • Pets: They run back and forth, and cost about 20 points each.
  • Faerie Doll: A faerie doll of Taelia. It's a larger item, meaning, if you get this while your snowball is at the smallest size, your game will end.
  • Sleds: Either blue or brown, these are the largest items. By grabbing one at one of the two smallest sizes, your game ends.
  • Chia Ice Pop: By grabbing one, a colorful line appears on the snowball for a while for an unknown reason. These increase the snowball's item size by about 5%, making it the most. There are red, green, and purple Chia Ice Pops in the game.


  • Snow Roller is one of the two games that can give out not just Neopoints, but also items, in some occasions. The only other game to do this is Top Chop.

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