Terror Mountain

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Terror Mountain
Pronunciation: ter-or moun-tin
Released: 9 November, 2000
Yooyuball team: Team Terror Mountain
Happy Valley · Ice Caves · Top of the Mountain

Terror Mountain is a snow covered land located on Neopia's northern ice cap. It is divided into three major areas: Happy Valley, the Ice Caves, and the Top of the Mountain, released between 9 November 2000 and 5 January 2001.

Terror Mountain is home to the Snowager and Snow Beasts, the faeries Kari and Taelia, and several Christmas themed locations. Since 2010, it has hosted the Winter Starlight Celebration in the month of December.


Main articles: Ski Lodge Murder Mystery, Tyrannian Invasion, Hannah and the Ice Caves

Long ago, Terror Mountain was home to the Bori, who kept a treasure called the Heart of the Mountain. To keep themselves safe from the Bringer of Night, who sought to steal the Heart, they cast a spell of protection, freezing them in the ice.

The Neopets Team visited the Ski Lodge on the peak in 2001. They were snowed in, and one by one were murdered - one of their number, Maverick, had been replaced by a robot assassin. Later that year, an earthquake shook the Ice Caves and a fissure opened up leading to then undiscovered land of Tyrannia.

In 2004, the Bringer returned to the Mountain, having been brought from the Lost Desert by the Thieves Guild. The Bringer attempted to steal the Heart of the Mountain again, but this time Hannah was able to restore the Bori and together they defeated him - the Boris returned to Neopia.


Happy Valley[edit]

All of Terror Mountain is covered in snow and ice.

Released on November 9, 2000, Happy Valley is a small, scenic town located at the base of Terror Mountain. It is a peaceful, snow-covered place where Neopets can be found happily frolicking in the snow.

  • Advent Calendar: During the month of December, users can visit this location daily to see a video and collect a small prize.
  • Gift Tags: This locations contains printable holiday themed gift tags.
  • Ice Cream Cart: At this location, users can exchange the ice cream coupons that they get from Taelia for ice cream themed items.
  • Merry Outfits: Users can see the older designs for the Christmas colour here.

Ice Caves[edit]

The Ice Caves
"Ice Caves" redirects here. For the game, see Ice Caves (Game).

The Ice Caves are a series of sparkling caves made entirely of ice and snow. Located deep within a glacier, these icy caverns are beautiful but extremely cold. Despite their remote location, the Ice Caves have number of excellent activities to enjoy, making them some what of a tourist attraction.

When the Ice Caves were first released on December 4, 2000, users could only enter if they had a special Ice Totem item. This requirement was quickly dropped however, and today users do not need a totem to enter the Ice Caves.


Top of the Mountain[edit]

The Top of the Mountain

Released on January 5, 2001, the Top of the Mountain is the very top peak of Terror Mountain. This harsh landscape is constantly battered by blistering cold winds and blinding snowfalls. Because of this, only the most resilient Neopians make their homes here.



Main article: Team Terror Mountain

In 2006, Terror Mountain's Yooyuball team consisted entirely of highly paid free agents that, while individually very talented, couldn't find a way to come to together and play as a team. After their crushing defeat by the Darigan Citadel in Altador Cup I, Terror Mountain's management began to rebuild the team from the ground up, starting with the signing of Osielle Lidel in 2007. Over the past few years, the team has slowly been improving, and in 2010, Terror Mountain had their best showing ever, placing 9th overall in Altador Cup V.


  • The Neopedia article for Terror Mountain was released on November 16, 2007.
  • The name Terror Mountain may be a reference to Mount Terror, a shield volcano in Antarctica.

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