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The Toy Repair Shop is a location on Terror Mountain where users can go to have Donny repair their broken toys for a small fee. It opened its doors on November 10, 2004.

Known Repairable Items[edit]

As of August 2010, Donny can repair these 72 items:

  • Bag of Broken Neopoints
  • Broken Air Faerie Snowglobe
  • Broken Angel Chia Plushie
  • Broken Archery Set
  • Broken Astrolabe
  • Broken Big n Bouncy Toy
  • Broken Blue Chia Plushie
  • Broken Blue Cup and Ball Toy
  • Broken Blue Fuzzle
  • Broken Blue Mynci Puppet
  • Broken Blue Whistle
  • Broken Bouncy Zafara Toy
  • Broken Click Klacks
  • Broken Clock
  • Broken Earth Faerie
  • Broken Fake Kass Charm
  • Broken Fake Uni Hat
  • Broken Fuzzie Bear
  • Broken Green Chia Plushie
  • Broken Green Mynci Puppet
  • Broken Gulper Float Ring
  • Broken Gumball Machine
  • Broken Gyroscope Toy
  • Broken Hissi In A Box
  • Broken Kaylas Chemistry Set
  • Broken Lady Blurg Bat Game
  • Broken Light Faerie Snowglobe
  • Broken Limited Edition Evil Chia Plushie
  • Broken Meridell Toy Plane
  • Broken Mootix Farm
  • Broken Neo Hits Volume One
  • Broken Pink Yoyo
  • Broken Plastic Sword
  • Broken Pull Along Snowbunny
  • Broken Purple Mynci Puppet
  • Broken Red Chia Plushie
  • Broken Red Mynci Puppet
  • Broken Red Ruki Scooter
  • Broken Red Toy Car
  • Broken Roller Blades
  • Broken Sculpty Dough
  • Broken Sharky Skateboard
  • Broken Shoot Kreludor Game
  • Broken Snicklebeast Balloon
  • Broken Soup Faerie Snowglobe
  • Broken Springy Green Slorg
  • Broken Super Duper Scooter
  • Broken Toy Seesaw
  • Broken Uniocto Racquet
  • Broken Warf Yoyo
  • Broken Wind Up Nuranna
  • Broken Wind Up Tonu
  • Broken Wooden Stilts
  • Broken Wooden Sword
  • Broken Yellow Chia Plushie
  • Broken Yellow Mynci Puppet
  • Broken Yoyo
  • Burst Basketball
  • Burst Blue Bouncy Ball
  • Burst Green Bori Ball
  • Dirty Stone Fragment
  • Dull Blue Pencil with Eraser
  • Flat Tyred Golden Bike
  • Ripped Blue Chia Plushie
  • Ripped Cheery Tomato Plushie
  • Ripped Jelly Chia Plushie
  • Ripped Mutant Chia Plushie
  • Ripped Orange Grundo Plushie
  • Ripped Pink Fuzzle
  • Ripped Skarl
  • Smashed Cheery Blossom
  • Snapped Deluxe Set of Colouring Pencils


  • As of November 10, 2004, users can unlock the Broken avatar by having an item repaired at the Toy Repair Shop.

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