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TNT circa January 2011.

The Neopets Team, or TNT, are the staff members employed to work on the Neopets website. The term includes all the creative, programming and support staff, as well as the site monitors and localisation teams.

Official Neomail messages and Neoboard posts come from the official Neopets user account, theneopetsteam, identifiable by their unique exploding TNT avatar. Individual staff members have their own work accounts for testing things, separate to their private accounts they can play with. Staff work accounts have a tag on the bottom of their user lookup identifying their position - monitor, lawyer, writer, and so on. Other accounts are set up by TNT for specific, automated tasks, like creating Auctions.

The TNT are featured in the game TNT Staff Smasher.

Plot summaries[edit]

In addition to running the website, TNT members and their on-site personas have been involved in several site events.


Main article: Sacrificers

The Neopets Team journeyed to the newly-discovered Mystery Island where they became part of an elimination-survival game, with each week a member being sacrificed to Mumbo Pango, a god of the native Coconut People, until only one remained - Donna. A gold statue was built in her honour.

Ski Lodge Murder Mystery[edit]

Main article: Ski Lodge Murder Mystery

The Neopets Team, on holiday in Terror Mountain, were trapped in the old Ski Lodge by a freak snowstorm. Unable to leave the mansion, one by one the staff members were picked off by a mysterious murderer in their midst until only the murderer and one last staff member survived: Maverick and Beader respectively. Before Maverick could come after Beader, she trapped him in a cage. Before the police could arrest him, he exploded, for he was a robotic replica made by a mysterious villain.

Krawk Island Cup[edit]

Main article: Deckball

In 2001, forty The Neopets Team members competed against each other in a Deckball tournament. The winner was Mr. Roboto.

Altador Cup[edit]

Main article: Altador Cup

A staff Yooyuball tournament was held alongside the first Altador Cup, and again every year since Altador Cup V.

Daily Dare[edit]

Main article: Daily Dare 2011

A staff Daily Dare competition was held in 2011. By making a guess as to the outcome, players could earn an avatar.


Main article: Neocam

The Neocam gave users a look into The Neopets Team's headquarters, where they worked to keep Neopets running. The webcam was on 24/7, capturing a new picture every minute. Some images were saved for future enjoyment. Sadly, the Neocam has broken and is not used any more.


  • On January 14, 2000, The Neopets Team turned into Pokémon
  • On January 18, 2000, an admin power was added to the website, which allowed The Neopets Team to give items to users.
  • One of the test accounts, paganmachine, is the Portuguese NeoBoard moderator.

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