Snow Wars II

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Snow Wars II
Snow Wars II
ID # 544
World Terror Mountain
Category Action, Brain Busters
High Scores
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Lupes and Snow Beasts are on the hunt for snowmen, and it's up to you to protect them! Build snow-block fortresses around as many of your snowmen as possible, then strategically place your catapults in a way that best defends your fortresses. Once your catapults are in place, set your Grundos to work on blasting the opponent's catapults and knocking out the advancing Lupes and Snow Beasts before they can reach your snow fortresses and destroy your snowmen!

How To Play[edit]

Gameplay is set between three different stages. In the first stage, the user must build a snow fortresses around your snowmen before time runs out. Each snowman is only protected when completely enclosed within a snow fortress. The snow bricks vary in shape, so they must be rotated with the spacebar in order to fit.

In the second stage, the user places Grundo-manned catapults within a closed off fortress wall surrounding a snowman. The number of catapults given at this stage are limited, but with each consecutive stage that is followed, it's possible for the user to have an inummerable amount of catapults.

In the third stage, the Lupes and Snow Beasts attack, and the user must fend them off with their catapults. The Snow Beasts man catapults that shoot snowballs at the user's fortifications, while the Lupes move in on foot and attack your snowmen by biting them. Using the mouse, the user target the enemies and click on them to direct a Grundo to shoot at them.

After the third stage times out, the first stage is begun again, repairing the damaged snow forts so grundo catapults can be usable in the next attack. During this placement of new blocks, Lupes left behind in the third stage continue to move closer to the enclosed snowmen. If the user fails to fully enclose at least one snowman within a fortress or if a Lupe gets to a snowman, the game is over.


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