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Cheat! is a card game of deception. It is played against three opponents, and the aim of the game is to be the first player to lose all their cards. Each game costs 50 NP to play, and Neopoints are earned every time the user catches another player cheating.

There are three trophies, bronze, silver, and gold, awarded after beating the third, fifth and seventh rounds. As the player completes round, they may also be awarded Battlecards, single use Battledome weapons.

How to play[edit]

At the start of the game, each player is dealt thirteen cards. The premise of the game is that each player may put face down one to four cards of the same value each turn until someone runs out of cards and wins the game. The cards they choose to play must be one higher, the same, or one lower than the value of the cards just played - e.g. if in the last turn a player played two tens, the only cards that can be played in the next turn are nines, tens, or jacks. Aces are both high and low - i.e. if someone has played an ace, the next cards must be twos, aces, or kings.

However, players are permitted to bluff about what cards they are playing - e.g. they may play a six and an eight and tell the other players they are two jacks. When someone has played their cards, the other players may accuse them of cheating. If the cards they played were not what they said they were, the player must pick up the entire pile of all the played cards. However, if the cards the player played were what they said they were after all, the accuser must pick up the pile of cards.

If someone has been accused of cheating, correctly or otherwise, the next player may play any value of card for their turn.

The game ends when one player has managed to put down all their cards - on their final turn, they may still be accused of cheating one last time, however.


1_head.gif Capara the Kyrii Capara uses all her feminine wiles and amazing intelligence to trick her way to the top, however it hasn't worked yet... she is a hopeless cheater and nearly always loses.
2_head.gif Little Timmy the Tuskaninny Timmy is very young and inexperienced. He started playing cheat as he thought it would make him look cool... however he is pretty useless at it, to be honest.
3_head.gif Branston the Eyrie Branston is the lord of the dance floor, and when he isn't strutting his stuff, he loves to gamble. Self-obsessed and egotistical, Branston's mind tends to wander, so he isn't the best player in the world. He has been known to throw down his cards and leave in a huff in the middle of a game.
4_head.gif Chuffer Bob the Meerca Chuffer is a good player, but his voracious appetite often gets the better of him. When he is hungry he can't concentrate, and this leads him to fidget. People like to play against Chuffer Bob because it's easy to know when he is cheating!
5_head.gif Brucey B Brucey B is a Bingo caller by nature, but in his nights off he likes to play the odd game of Cheat. Still learning, but by no means a beginner, Brucey will catch you out with the old triple-bluff maneuver. He also tends to hide his cards under the table, so you will not know he has won until the last minute!
6_head.gif Kalora the Kau Kalora is on holiday, and has decided to take in a few games of Cheat to earn some money. She considers herself an above-average player, and she knows when to quit! Her left ear sometimes twitches when she is cheating... but then again, you never can tell!
7_head.gif Princess Fernypoo Young and spoilt, Princess Fernypoo is not accustomed to losing. Back in her father's castle, anybody who beat her at any game would soon be thrown in the moat. Now the young Acara has left home and does not have her father to protect her any more.
8_head.gif Agent 00 Hog Cool, suave, and sophisticated, Agent 00 Hog has nerves of steel, and the ability to hide even the most blatant of cheats beneath a stern poker face. The ladies love him, and he is nearly unbeatable at whatever he chooses to play... do you accept the challenge?
9_head.gif Spectre The self-appointed, undisputed ruler of cheat. When his red eyes are staring at you, you can just feel them scanning your every movement... watching every move in your face. If you cheat, he will know, there is no doubt about that. Spectre is a Neopian millionaire, and only ventures out of his mansion when inexperienced players are up for a fleecing.


  • The game is exactly like the real-world game Cheat.
  • There are 6 Books which can be bought in Neopets featuring the stories of players and their experience with Cheat!.
  • The Petpet Pinklet is said to give a Neopet advice on how to cheat at every card game, yet it is not mentioned at all in reference to the game Cheat!.
  • Brucey B and the Lucky Coin, the plot with the discovery of the Lost Desert, starred characters from Cheat!, and the game of Cheat! played a large role in the plot.
  • The further you go into the game, the more points you receive for successfully accusing someone of cheating, but the opponents cheat less and less frequently.
  • Brucey B and and Agent 00 Hog always accuse others of cheating extremely frequently.

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