Fruit Machine

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Fruit Machine
Fruit Machine
ID # 20
World Lost Desert
Category Luck & Chance
High Scores
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The Fruit Machine is a free game of chance users can play once per day. It is located in the Lost Desert, and its hosts (an Aisha, an Kau, and a Lupe) are painted accordingly. To play, simply click the "Spin the Wheel!!!" button and hope for the best. If the first two fruits match a prize is won, and if all three fruits match an even bigger prize. Prizes range from small amounts of Neopoints and a cheap fruit to thousands of NP and rare items, such as paint brushes.

Because the Fruit Machine is free and has the potential to award hugely valuable prizes, many players place it on their list of things to do daily, or Dailies.

Creating Multiple Accounts to visit the Fruit Machine more than once a day is against the Neopets Terms and Conditions, as it unbalances the game. If The Neopets Team catches anyone doing this, every account that person uses will be Frozen.


You can win Desert Food, 50-30,000 NP, bottled faeries, muffins, and even paint brushes. It depends on what cards the pets are holding.


  • During the Lost Desert Plot, the Fruit Machine disappeared briefly along with the rest of the Lost Desert.
  • The art and prizes for the Fruit Machine were updated on 14 August 2012.
    • The update replaced the Pteri and Elephante hosts with a Kau and a Lupe.
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