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Coltzan's spirit may appear to visitors to his Shrine.

Coltzan's Shrine is a large obelisk in the Lost Desert released to Neopia on September 3, 2001. It was created in memorial to King Coltzan III, the former ruler of Sakhmet who was poisoned on July 9, 2001. It was the King's dying wish that his magical crown be interred in the monument to protect the Lost Desert. Well-wishers who come to the shrine may be visited by the ghost of King Coltzan and find treasure nearby.

Plot summary[edit]

The Hunt for the Crown[edit]

The Crown went missing, and its thieves left a note.
Main Article: The Hunt for the Crown

When Princess Vyssa first unveiled the shrine, she discovered that her father's crown, which was meant to be placed in its recess, had been stolen by two Meercas. Users searched across Neopia hunting clues that lead to the crown's recovery.


Players may take their Neopets to the shrine as many times as they like, but are only in with a chance of winning a prize once every twelve hours. Players will only be able to receive the message, "Nothing happens. Maybe you should wait a while before visiting the shrine again...." until this time has expired.

When he awards a prize, King Coltzan's spectre appears floating in front of the shrine. Among the prizes he awards are:

  • Stat increases - the player's active Neopet may receive points to strength, defence, movement, or intelligence, and may advance levels.
  • Neopoint rewards - the player "feel[s] slight richer", gaining between one hundred to a million Neopoints. The odds of a million Neopoint payout are approximately six million to one.
  • Item award - the player may find Desert Food, a Battledome weapon, or Dubloons buried in the sand near the shrine. A couple of Desert Scrolls and two plushies were added as possible prizes on 9 July 2011.

Players are not guaranteed to win a prize, however. They may receive none-prize messages, different to the message received if they did not wait long enough between visits, such as the sand beneath their Neopet's feet being warmer than usual, or their hands glowing blue.

Times to visit[edit]

The Brightvale Wheel of Knowledge purports that visiting at 55 seconds past the minute will give the user a dubloon. On the site's fifth birthday, The Neopets Team increased the chance of something good happening at the shrine on the fifteenth of every month. Many other relationships between visiting times and prizes have been speculated upon but none proven with any consistency.


  • As of September 2006, there are two items featuring Coltzan's Shrine, a stamp in the Lost Desert section of the Stamp Album, and a Brightvale Window.
  • The Desert Rock also looks very much like Coltzan's Shrine.
  • The Shrine received an art update and started giving out new prizes on 21 August 2012.

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