Forgotten Shore

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At the Forgotten Shore, you can see the remains of one of the many ships claimed by the surrounding reefs.

The Forgotten Shore is an isolated beach on Krawk Island, located directly across from the Smuggler's Cove. It first became accessible to users on September 3, 2011. A treacherous series of reefs surround the Forgotten Shore. Ships often run afoul of these reefs, spilling their precious cargo, which later washes up on the beach. Once a day, users who have obtained access to the Forgotten Shore can claim a piece of this washed up cargo, earning themselves a prize.

Obtaining Access[edit]

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In order to gain access to the Forgotten Shore, users must collect all nine pieces of the Forgotten Shore map and then turn in them in at the Treasure Map page. The Forgotten Shore map pieces can be obtained from Anchor Management, and they can also be purchased from other users using the Auction House, Trading Post, or user shops. After turning in the map pieces, users can visit the Forgotten Shore at any time by using either the hidden link on the Krawk Island main map or the Visit the Shore button on the Treasure Map page.


Once a day, a single object will wash up on the beaches of the Forgotten Shore. If the user clicks on this object, they will be rewarded with a single prize. The prize that the user receives differs depending on which object was washed up on shore that day:

Object Possible Prizes
  • 2,000 NP
  • 5,000 NP
  • 10,000 NP
Treasure Chest
Discovered Treasure Chest
Maractite Coin
Ancient Peophin Maractite Coin
Round Maractite Coin
Treasure of the Deep
Earrings of the Deep
Necklace of the Deep
Buried Treasure
Forgotten Shore Background
Pirate Draik Egg
Pirate Krawk Morphing Potion
Forgshore.gif Forgotten Shore
Randomly awarded when collecting a buried treasure from the Forgotten Shore.

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