Faerie Caverns

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The entrance to the Faerie Caverns.

The Faerie Caverns are a magical network of underground tunnels and caves located in Faerieland. They are covered in vines and adorned with carved faerie runes. The Faerie Caverns were first discovered on June 2, 2011. Once per day, users may try to find the faerie treasure hidden in the caverns. Before entering, the user must throw 400 NP into the water for good luck.

Navigating the Caverns[edit]

Once inside the cavern, the user will be presented with a sequence of three forks. For each fork, the user can choose to take either the left tunnel or the right tunnel. There is only one correct path that leads to the treasure. The correct path is randomly selected and changes every time the user enters the caverns.

Cartogriphication Boon[edit]

The Cartogriphication boon in action.

Cartogriphication is one of the many boons can be temporarily earned by participating the Battleground of the Obelisk. This boon is only available to the Awakened and the Order of the Red Erisim. When this boon is active, the Oracle speaks directly into the mind of the user's active Neopet, telling them the correct forks to take in the Faerie Caverns. Users with the Cartogriphication boon are always guaranteed to find the treasure, so long as they follow their Neopet's directions.

Treasure of the Faeries[edit]

If the user choose the correct path, they will find the treasure of the faeries, open it, and receive one of the following prizes:

Between 400 NP and 2,500 NP
5,000 NP
10,000 NP
25,000 NP

If the user is very lucky, they will also receive one of the items listed below:

Beautiful Glowing Wings
Faerie Caverns Background
Faerie Caverns Stamp
Faerie Paint Brush

Dead End[edit]

If the user does not choose the correct path, they will receive one of the following messages and will then be ejected from the Faerie Caverns with no reward.

  • You stumble in the darkness and trip over a rock, stubbing your toe. You jump up and down on one foot, muttering your grievances at the cave before retreating for the day.
  • You raise your torch to examine this room, causing the shadows of the vines to move. Your skin prickles as you attempt to convince your imagination that this room isn't crawling with Wadjets. It's just the shadow of the vines. It's just-- you lose your nerve and bolt out of the caverns.
  • You round a corner and hear a strange noise. It sounds like something large is moving in the darkness in front of you. Perhaps you should retreat... quickly.
  • You enter a small chamber and gasp at the beautiful stalagmites... or are they stalactites? You can't seem to recall. You spend so much time trying to remember that you barely have time to escape the cave before your torch burns out.
  • You stumble into some water, soaking your clothes. The cold of the cave chills you to the bone. It's probably best to escape and dry off, and try again tomorrow.
  • Curses! The path has lead to a dead end. Perhaps you should try your luck again tomorrow.

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