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Daily is a term given to places on Neopets which users visit on a daily basis (and can usually only be used once per day) for items. Neopoints and other benefits. There are two kinds of dailies: chance events and freebies. Chance events are free gambles where the user will most likely get nothing, but could potentially win big prizes. Freebies are events where the user will get a guaranteed prize every day.

Creating Multiple Accounts to visit Dailies more often than a user can on one account is a violation of the Neopets Terms and Conditions, and will get their account or all of their accounts Frozen.

Dailies List[edit]

Although the contents of the list vary depending on the player, some of the typical pages, divided by category, include...

Free Neopoints

Free Items

Free Food

Chance-based Prizes

Pet Healing and Stats Adjustments



  • The games on each player's "dailies" vary widely. Usually, they are the games that particular player is best at, hence rewarding the most NP. Personality quiz games and Trivia-based games are popular, because they require minimal effort while giving a decent payout.
Neopets Dailies

Advent Calendar | Anchor Management | Apple Bobbing | Coltzan's Shrine | Daily Puzzle | Deserted Tomb | Faerie Caverns
Forgotten Shore | Fruit Machine | Giant Jelly | Giant Omelette | Kiko Pop | Lunar Temple | Meteor Crash Site 725-XZ
Mysterious Symol Hole | The Snowager | Tombola | Trudy's Surprise | Turmaculus | Underwater Fishing