Wheel of Excitement

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Wheel of Excitement
Wheel of Excitement
ID # 13
World Faerieland
Category Luck & Chance
High Scores
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The Wheel of Excitement is luck-based game located in Faerieland. The wheel costs 500 Neopoints to spin and can be spun once every two hours. It is operated by a Light Faerie. Landing on the 20,000 NP spot can give you the Wheel of Excitement avatar.


Step right up, one and all, for the Wheel of Excitement!
  • Landing on the Skull will give one of the player's Neopet's a Disease;
  • Landing on the Lava Ghoul will burn all of the player's Neopets, resulting in dramatic HP loss. Neopets painted fire will be unaffected;
  • Landing on the Pant Devil will result in one of the player's items being taken by the Pant Devil.
  • Landing on the Dark Faerie will lower a random Neopet's ability level or cackle insanely if the ability it targets has not been blessed.
  • Landing on the Question Mark will give the user a random amount of Neopoints, below 500 NP;
  • Landing on the Light Faerie will increase the level of one of the user's pet's abilities;
  • Landing on a number will give the user the specified amount on NP. The 20,000 NP spot earns the user the Wheel of Excitement avatar;
  • Landing on the Secret Item will come up with the message "Something mysterious happens to your Neopet, but you don't know what it is."
  • Landing on Heal will either heal a Neopet completely or give the player a potion.
  • Landing on Magic Item will give the user a random magical item, such as a bottled faerie.
  • Landing on Lightning Bolt causes a lightning bolt to strike the user's Neopet and cost it hit points.


  • The Neopets who land on the skull all get the same disease, but the disease that is given changes after a period of time. For this reason, the price of the cure of the chosen disease increases tenfold or higher from the original price due to high demand during the time the disease is given.

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