200m Peanut Dash

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200m Peanut Dash
200m Peanut Dash
ID # 987
World Neopia Central
Category Action
High Scores
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200m Peanut Dash is a game in which the player controls an Elephante and Puppyblew. The goal is to shoot a peanut as far as possible using the Elephante and then catch it with the Puppyblew while avoiding obstacles.

The game was originally released November 8, 2002 but has been updated since then with improved graphics. The older version of the game was sent to the Game Graveyard in Year 10 and the new version was released shortly after in May 9, 2008.

How to play[edit]

The first task is to start by shooting the peanut out of the Elephante's trunk. Tap on the left and right arrow keys to power up your throw. Once you get as high as you can, click the up arrow to throw. As you build up the power the Elephante will pull its trunk in further and progressively go redder. You want it to be as red as possible to get the peanut to go as far as possible.

The more red the Elephante, the further the peanut will go

Once the peanut is in the air, control will switch over to the Puppyblew. As you run forward use the right arrow to speed the Puppyblew up and left arrow to slow it down and keep it under the arrow.

Watch the arrow at the top to see where the peanut will land

Obstacles and jumping[edit]

As you move forward you will come across obstacles that you will have to jump over. There are a number of different obstacles including logs, pits and rivers. The one obstacle that you shouldn't avoid is the blue Elephante because when you run over it, it will catapult you into the air giving you a small speed boost.

A selection of the different obstacles you will come across

To avoid them, you can simply jump over them but using the following key combinations will perform a jump trick and get you bonus points.

  • Left-Up-Right => Front Flip
  • Right-Up-Left => Back Flip
  • Up-Right => Straight Jump
  • Left-Right-Left-Right-Up => Double Front Flip
  • Right-Left-Right-Left-Up => Double Back Flip

The different jumps give you different bonuses. The straight jump gives no bonuses, back flip and front flip give a five point bonus, and the double front flip and back flip gives out a ten point bonus.

Once the peanut is on its way down to the ground catching it in mid air with a jump will give you bonus supercatch points.

Once you hold in the right arrow key to catch up to the shadow of the peanut, before you even approach the log, quickly press "right arrow", "left arrow", "right arrow", "left arrow". That way, once you actually approach the log, all you have to do is press the "up" key, and you'll still do a double Back Flip in a much easier manner.

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