Jelly Blobs of Doom

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Jelly Blobs of Doom
Jelly Blobs of Doom
ID # 359
World Jelly World
Category Action
High Scores
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Jelly Blobs of Doom is a game starring a Jelly Chomby. In it, your goal is to eat jelly blobs that are smaller than yourself, and avoid those that are bigger. Eating smaller jelly blobs gradually increases your size, but if you run into a larger blob you will get devoured, meaning game over.

How to play[edit]

The user controls the character of a jelly Chomby with the arrow keys. The jelly surface is slippery, and even when the user stops guiding the character in a direction, the momentum will keep the Chomby sliding slightly.

Cross the screen with the Chomby are numerous blobs of jelly. If a blob larger than the Chomby were to hit him, he would be absorbed into it, carried off the screen and the game ends. Points are scored by the consumption of smaller blobs - which make the Chomby grow gradually larger and consumer larger blobs.

When a blob passes off the edge of the screen, it does not return, but the Chomby doing the same manoeuvre would reappear on the opposite side of the game play area to that via which the player exited.


  • Typing rainbownegg during gameplay will cause a Rainbow Negg to appear. The Negg is worth 20 pts.
  • Typing fishnegg during gameplay will cause a Fish Negg to appear. The Negg is worth 50 pts.
  • Typing marissa on the screen where it says "Press the Spacebar to begin" causes the text "(Now are you happy?)" to appear. About 50% of the time this code will give you more smaller blobs in the beginning of the game.
  • Rapidly pressing random keys during gameplay causes a gigantic blue jelly blob (like the one on the startup screen) to appear.


  • Since the release of the game, the text "Movie coming Winter 2008. Keep checking this page for updates!" has appeared on the description, this may be an advertisement for a Neopets Movie. The date has been moved on repeatedly, and as of April 2009 reads Winter 2011. As of February 2010 it reads "Winter 2012." As of March 2011, it reads "Winter 2013."

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