Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island

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Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island
Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island
ID # 627
World Mystery Island
Category Action, Adventure
High Scores
Game Page
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Whether it's studying ancient ruins or searching for hidden treasure, there's no challenge too great for Jake, Neopia's greatest explorer! Journey through deserted beaches, wild jungles, and fiery volcanoes, collecting gold coins, precious gems, and Mystery Island fruit on a quest to find a rare golden idol. But beware of the many traps and obstacles in your path!

How to play[edit]

Use the left and right arrow keys to walk, and the spacebar to jump. Use the up and down arrow keys to climb and descend vines and ladders. Collect the Mystery Island fruit in each level to complete the level, but watch out for deadly traps like falling rocks and dart blowing statues! Find the golden idol in the last level to beat the game!

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