Ruins Rampage

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Ruins Rampage
Ruins Rampage
ID # 600
World Lost Desert
Category Action, Adventure, Puzzle
High Scores
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Ruins Rampage is an Action and Puzzle game released on November 24, 2005.

Navigate the twists and turns of a maze of ruins as you search for the Golden Scorchstone. Play as Zina or Horace, two members of the infamous band of thieves known as the Desert Scarabs. Along the way, you must dodge traps, snares, and evil guards while travelling through the long-abandoned desert ruins.

How to play[edit]

To move the characters around, use the arrow keys. One tap of an arrow key initiates walking and another tap stops it. It is crucial to know how to stop the character moving as this can save you from accidentally getting in the path of an arrow or other hazard. Tapping an arrow key twice in quick succession moves Zina or Horace one space in the desired direction.

Ruins Rampage is a relatively simple game once you get the hang of it. The trick is knowing what effect the switches have on the rooms. In every room there are switches (these look like raised floor tiles) that can either raise submerged spikes or remove protruding ones. Remembering which switches to activate and which to avoid will become easier with practise. To activate the switches simply walk over them.


At the start of the game your character has a total of 5 lives. Each life is made up of 100 health points. Walking into the fire and arrows costs 25 health points. Walking into the monsters and fireballs costs 50 health points. Picking up a negg will restore 50 health points.

Running into the spikes will cost you an entire life, no matter how many health points you have. There are also hidden spike pits dispersed throughout the game. Falling into one will also cost you a life. Losing all 5 lives ends the game.


Ruins Rampage has a maximum point limit of 850. To get the top score be sure to collect all of the coins and the Golden Scorchstone. Finding the Scorchstone does not mean a total of 850 points as there are still coins left to collect. To properly end the game, you have to find the exit.

  • Silver Coin: 25 points
  • Gold Coin: 50 points
  • Scorchstone: 150 points


  • On the main screen, the Qasalan Mummy will turn into TPOSG. To see him, click the left scarab, the right scarab, Horace's eye, and then Zina's eye, who make sounds when clicked.

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