Petpet Rescue

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Petpet Rescue
Petpet Rescue
ID # 228
World Tyrannia
Category Action
High Scores
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Petpet Rescue is a Flash game released on March 7, 2003. In Tyrannia, Gargrall the evil, nasty Grarrl has been imprisoning cute little Petpets, and forcing them to work in his underground Ruby mines. You play Samuel, Petpet crusader! Your job is to get down into those mines and liberate as many petpets as possible (avoiding the lava, boulders and stalactites of course).

"Petpet Rescue" is the organisation that employs agents such as Samuel for these tasks. Agents have supervisors—such as Taloo, Samuel's supervisor—who give them their assignments.

The game is similar in gameplay to the game 'Frogger'.

How to play[edit]

Use the arrow keys to move Samuel. Move onto the Petpets to pick them up, and then take each Petpet back to the entrance individually, avoiding the lava, (horizontally) rolling boulders and (vertically) falling stalactites. You will need to rescue a certain number of Petpets to move onto the next level. Picking up gems will earn you bonus points, 5 for pink, 10 for blue, etc.

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