Illusen's Glade

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Illusen's Glade
Illusen's Glade
ID # 160
World Meridell
Category Adventure
High Scores
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Illusen's Glade is a peaceful forested area in Meridell and the home of Illusen the Earth Faerie. It first became accessible to users on July 30, 2002. In this area, users can participate in a Quest game in which Illusen asks for randomly selected items.

How to Play[edit]

After accepting a quest from Illusen, the player will have 16 minutes and 40 seconds to find the item that Illusen requests. The item can be obtained through any means, and users are allowed to use the Shop Wizard to find the requested item. To complete the quest, the requested item must be placed in the user's inventory, and then the user must return to Illusen's Glade and click the Yeah, I have it!!! button. The first time a user accepts a quest from Illusen, they will get a level 1 quest. If they complete this quest, their next quest will be a level 2 quest. This pattern continues until level 50. If a player ever fails to complete a quest, they will be reset to level 1. The items that Illusen requests are selected at random; however, the level of the quest is linked to the rarity of the item requested. Lower level quests require items with lower rarities, while higher level quests require items with higher rarities. After completing a quest, users receive a score based on how quickly they returned with the requested item.

Users can only complete one of Illusen's quests every 12 hours. Because of Illusen's and Jhudora's mutual dislike of each other, users can not complete both an Illusen quest and a Jhudora quest within 12 hours of each other. Similarly, Illusen will not give out quests on February 4th, which is Jhudora's special day.


Illusen will reward users with exclusive items after completing quests of certain levels:

Level 1 Level 3 Level 5
Illusens Cream Cookie
Illusens Potion
Illusens Comb
Level 8 Level 11 Level 14
Cucumber Eye Cream
Illusens Novel
Mud Mixture
Level 17 Level 20 Level 23
Flower Cake
Rain Water Shampoo
Rose Shake
Level 26 Level 29 Level 32
Earth Spell Book
Leaf Shield
Illusens Earth Potion
Level 35 Level 38 Level 41
Honey Potion
Illusens Scroll
Illusens Blade
Level 44 Level 47 Level 50
Leaf Taco
Illusens Orb Plant
Illusens Staff

In addition to this, there are two avatars that can be unlocked by completing Illusen's quests:

Illusensglade.gif Illusen's Glade
Complete a Level 20 Illusen quest.
Illusendoll.gif Illusen Doll
Complete an Illusen quest on Illusen Day (March 17th).

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