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ID # 19
World Krawk Island
Category Puzzles
Replacement Stowaway Sting
High Scores
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Deckswabber was an action, board game-style Flash game which involved getting a Blumaroo pirate around a board by landing on all the squares at least once each as quickly as possible. To stay healthy and get bonuses you had to avoid Mynci and later Techo pirates, cannons, drowning and collect as much treasure as possible.

Deckswabber was retired as a game and sent to the Game Graveyard on June 16, 2007, in Year 9 (though the Game Graveyard lists this as Year 8). Released the day before, June 15, 2007, Stowaway Sting is Deckswabber's replacement.

Ahoy me hearties, swab the deck turning all the squares the same colour gathering loot as you go. Collect the gold, the chests, and the magical puzzle boxes, but avoid the scurvy brutes at all costs, lest ye meet ya doom!

How to play[edit]

If you get killed, you can start from the same level up to three times, but you will lose 30 points.


The old and still clickable link on the bottom left-hand corner of the Krawk Island map still reads "Deckswabber," but clicking it will lead to Stowaway Sting, not said former game.

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