Sutek's Tomb

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Sutek's Tomb
Sutek's Tomb
ID # 306
World Lost Desert
Category Puzzles
High Scores
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Sutek's Tomb is a Flash puzzle game released on 13 November 2003. In it, players attempt to open the impenetrable lock to Sutek's Tomb, the first pyramid or gebmid built in the Lost Desert, which contains the treasure of Sutek, the leader of the ancient, lost Geb culture.

The lock contains lots of tiles that the player can slide around in order to remove them. Whenever tiles are removed, however, more fall down from above, so the screen never clears. The format is like the video game Bejewled.

Zen mode was added on 9 January 2004, and has a much longer time limit but earns the player far fewer points. Sutek's Tomb has been featured in the Games Master Challenge in 2007, 2010, 2011, and 2012. It was also featured in Daily Dare in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

How to play[edit]

A screenshot of Hard mode, with the Magic Face tile.

The object of the game is to earn as many points as possible by realigning on-screen tiles in order to eliminate them, within a time limit. Tiles are removed if they are aligned into a row or column of three or more adjacent tiles of the same symbol. Every time they remove tiles, the user earns points.

A tile may be swapped around with a tile above, below, or to the side of it - although not diagonally. However, the swap must result in lining up three or more symbols for it to be a valid play. The user clicks on one tile, and then an adjacent tile, in order to swap them around.

After a group of tiles has been eliminated, the tiles in the column above will fall down to fill the gap, and new tiles will appear at the top of the game screen. If this results in lining up further tiles in a row or column of three or more, then this will automatically be played, and a combination bonus will be issued. This may also boost the time the player has remaining. Sometimes large chain reactions can be set off in this manner.

Similarly, if the swapping of two tiles results in multiple different sequences of symbols being removed, the player receives bonus points. Due to the nature of the game, the maximum number of tiles that can be aligned in one sequence when making a swap is five. Aligning five tiles will score more points than aligning four, which will score more points than aligning three. There are several special tiles that have additional effects to game play.

In the event that no moves are possible, the board will be reshuffled - all the tiles are replaced.

There are three game play modes. Normal and hard modes play in a similar fashion to each other, except hard has a large game board and earns more points. Zen mode has a very high time limit, but the very low payout make it more suitable for fun than for earning Neopoints.

Typing "plzsutekcanihavemoretime" while playing will add an additional 30 seconds of play time, but can only be used once during a game.

Special tiles[edit]

Scarab and Bomb tiles.

While the majority of tiles will only vanish with in a combination of three or more identical tiles, there are a few other, special tiles that have different effects. All of them, however, can also be eliminated by making a line of three or more of them.

  • Bomb Tile: A red bomb, this tile, if dropped more than two rows at a time, will destroy itself and all the tiles above it - known as a Bomb Combo. The number of points gained depends on how deep the bomb was when it exploded. If it reaches the bottom of the screen, it disappears and you gain 5 points on Hard mode or 4 on Easy mode.
  • Ankh Tile: Sutek's Lucky Ankh, when it reaches the bottom of the game board, it will destroy the bottom row and all the tiles directly above it.
  • Lucky Coin Tile: The wildcard, this tile acts as any other tile to make a combination vanish. Can be used in more than one combo at the same time.
  • Scarab: A mysterious bug, this tile will eliminate on all the tiles above it in the event of it reaching the bottom of the screen.
  • Magic Face Tile: Bearing an image of TPOSG's head, when this tile reaches the bottom of the screen, the whole screen is cleared and the user gains a large quantity of points - 500 on Hard mode.


  • There is an avatar available from the Sutek's Tomb game, received after the user submits a score of at least 2000 points.
  • The font used in this game is called Herakles.

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