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The Daily Dare competition featured Aristotle A. Avinroo (right) and his sister Abigail (left).

The Daily Dare was a gaming event that occurred annually between 2007 and 2013. During the Daily Dare, every day for a month (normally March), self-proclaimed Games Master Aristotle A. Avinroo (AAA) and his sister Abigail challenged players to beat their scores at one of Neopia's Flash games.

In 2012, the Daily Dare introduced the new Game Room design.

The event is similar to Better Than You, except with daily challenges.


As in the Games Master Challenge, the Daily Dare is AAA's attempt to prove to the world that he is the best gamer.

While this began as just a challenge to players, in 2008, AAA and his sister were kidnapped by King Roothless and forced to play. King Roothless hoped to prove that he was the best gamer instead.

In 2012, King Roo's new design for the Game Room wasn't ready, so AAA couldn't run the Daily Dare. Annoyed at not being allowed to play his games, AAA decided to activate the Games Room machine anyway - which attracted swarms of Petpetpet bugs to Roo Island.

In 2013, AAA and Lulu were away at summer camp, and Abigail had to try and run the Daily Dare herself with the help of Chadley.


Each day of the event, AAA and Abigail post their high score from a Flash game. AAA, being the better gamer, invariably scores higher than his sister.

The player can choose which of the siblings' scores to challenge. Then, if they submit a higher score, they are rewarded with a themed prize. The player can only earn the prize for whichever score they challenged. If the player chooses to challenge Abigail but also beats AAA's better score, the player only wins the prize for defeating Abigail. Likewise, if the player challenges AAA but can only beat Abigail's lower score, they do not earn her prize - but this does count as beating Abigail for earning the additional prizes at the end of the competition.

In some years, additional prizes were awarded for completing all the challenges, for defeating all of AAA's scores, for completing all the challenges on the day they were released, and for defeating all of AAA's scores on the day they were released.

From 2009, the player could opt to take the Double Dare challenge on certain days of the event. If the player accepted the challenge and beat AAA's score, they would earn both AAA's and Abigail's prize for that day. 2011 introduced team challenges, where if a player and a friend both beat either AAA's or Abigail's score, they would win a bonus prize.

In 2013, Chadley's scores replaced AAA's for some of the games, while AAA was away at summer camp.

Neocash component[edit]

2009's Daily Dare also introduced the NC Challenge. If the player bought a ticket from the NC Mall, they could challenge AAA and Abigail's cousin Lulu's score, which was in between AAA's and Abigail's, to earn a Neocash item prize. Lulu's challenge can be undertaken in addition to AAA's or Abigail's for each day - the player can win prizes by defeating both Lulu and Abigail or both Lulu and AAA in each game. In 2011, an additional Neocash challenge, the NC Retro Challenge, re-released five of Lulu's scores from the previous year's challenge and players had a chance to earn those prizes again.

In 2012, the format of the Neocash challenge changed. Rather than having to beat Lulu's scores in the games, players earned a Neocash prize by helping her investigate King Roo's disappearance through buying Adventure Books; and earned further prizes by helping her catch bugs with Neocash nets. In 2013, Lulu instead gave players Neocash prizes when she sent them a postcard - the player had to buy a Neocash mailbox to receive them.

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