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Games Master Challenge returned for the fifth year running.

The fifth annual Games Master Challenge started on November 23, 2010 and ended on November 29, 2010. Each day of the event, AAA challenged users to complete five Games Room related tasks. Completing challenges rewarded users with exclusive items, and at the end of the event, users were given trophies based on how many challenges they completed.

In the NC Mall during this event, Lulu gave out extra Neocash prizes to players who bought NC Challenge tickets.


Day 1: So Calculating![edit]

Send Score Challenge Prize

You mean I have to Click a Button?

  • Send your score in one qualifying game.
Well Done Card
Game Challenge Prize

At Least It's Not Statistics, Right?

How to Maths
Secret Challenge Prize

They Cast a Spell on Me

  • Show off your tile-connecting wizardry with a score of 50,000 in Spellseeker
Magical Wand of Magicalness
Silly Game Challenge Prize

24! 32! 61! 51! 84! ARGHHH!!

  • Count at least 20 potatoes in Extreme Potato Counter while someone (either you or a friend) shouts out random numbers.
Scroll of Curses
Theme Challenge Prize

Down on the Farm

Adventure Action Farm Playset

Day 2: Something's Brewing[edit]

Send Score Challenge Prize

I Think I Did This in My Sleep

  • Send your score in five different qualifying games.
Sleeping Kit
Game Challenge Prize

Argh, There's a Korbat in My Hair!

Starry Korbat Plushie
Secret Challenge Prize

You'll Poke Your Eye Out, Kid

  • Get a score of 10 in the interstellar game Zurroball
Space Station Airlock Background
Random Challenge Prize

Good Things Come in Threes!

  • Add three qualifying games to your Favourite List
Only the Best!
Theme Challenge Prize

Mixing Things Up

Lab Set

Day 3: Afraid of the Dark?[edit]

Send Score Challenge Prize

All Too Easy

  • Send your score in 15 different qualifying games.
Dark Villain Usuki Doll
Game Challenge Prize

Did You Hear Something?

Managing Irrational Fears
Secret Challenge Prize

Don't Forget to Bring Your Jacket

Most Delicious Ice Cream Ever
Random Challenge Prize

Show Me the Money!

  • Visit a game page where the NP ratio is 0.2 or lower
Floating Giant Neopoint Background
Theme Challenge Prize

This Is Scary D:

Bloodshot Eye Contacts

Day 4: Petpet Invasion![edit]

Send Score Challenge Prize

No Sweat!

  • Send your score in 30 different qualifying games.
Games Master Challenge Stamp
Game Challenge Prize

Do We Really Want to Be Feeding Them?

Creepy Wind-Up Meepit
Secret Challenge Prize

Let Me Get a Snack First

  • Munch your way to a score of at least 1,400 in Snowmuncher
Glass Full of Ice Cubes
Random Challenge Prize

And I Did It Myyy Waaaaaay!

  • Play three qualifying flash games that are on your Favourites List
Old Fashioned Toy Microphone
Theme Challenge Prize

It's Rainin' Petpets

Buzzer Umbrella

Day 5: Meet Your Match[edit]

Send Score Challenge Prize

Going for the Gold!

  • Send your score in 45 different qualifying Flash games.
Gold Mauket
Game Challenge Prize

Help, I'm Seeing Double!

Twin Kiko Plushies
Secret Challenge Prize

I've Gone and Made a Mess...

Heavy Mallet
Random Challenge Prize

But This Is Haaaaard :(

  • Play any qualifying flash game with a difficulty rating of 7 or more.
A Tale of Tears
Silly Challenge Prize

My Keyboard Smells Now :(

How to Deal with Strange Looks

Day 6: More Fun Than Saying, "Boing!"[edit]

Send Score Challenge Prize

Guys, My Finger's Really tired D:

  • Send your score in 60 different qualifying games.
Finger Splint
Game Challenge Prize

It's Almost Hypnotic O.O

Look A Hasee!
Secret Challenge Prize

Wait, This Doesn't Exist

Jelly Blumaroo Plushie
Random Challenge Prize

We Love Them All

  • Send a score in a qualifying game with two million or less plays, and one with over 20,000,000 plays
GMC Nesting Dolls
Theme Challenge Prize

No Thanks, I'm Stuffed

Fancy Kitchen Background

Day 7: Better Watch Your Tail![edit]

Send Score Challenge Prize

More Amazing Than a Double Rainbow Across the Sky!

  • Send your score in 75 different qualifying Flash games
Double Rainbow Background
Game Challenge Prize

Can I Have a Fish Negg? Pretty Please?

Eau de Fish Negg
Secret Challenge Prize

What Does This Red Button Do?

Garfir Bank
Random Challenge Prize

World Class Gamer

  • Play a qualifying game from ten different Neopian lands.
Around the World in 10 Games
Theme Challenge Prize

Gotta Do What Ya Gotta Do!

Cover of Darkness Foreground

Qualifying Games[edit]

Only scores and challenge cards submitted from the following list of games counted toward the completion of challenges.

Community challenge[edit]

Neopets Tabard

This year, AAA issued a community challenge. The goal of the challenge was for users to reach a collective 45 million games played before the deadline on November 29. Users successfully completed this challenge, and, as a reward, everyone who sent a score during the event was rewarded with a Neopets Tabard.

Neocash activity[edit]

In addition to the prizes earned by beating AAA's challenges, players could earn extra prizes by participating in his cousin Lulu's Neocash event. This year, Lulu awarded players with two extra prizes if they were able to complete at least two of AAA's challenges for a certain day.

To participate, players had to buy Games Master Challenge NC Challenge tickets from the NC Mall. They could either by one ticket for 300 NC, which would allow the player to earn the bonus prizes from one day, or a pack of seven tickets for 1,300 NC, which would allow the player to try and earn all of Lulu's prizes.

Each set of prizes was released at the same time as AAA's challenges for the corresponding day.

Criteria Prizes
November 23, 2010

Complete any two Day 1 challenges.

mall_garland_jumpingbabaa.gif mall_bckground_numbers.gif
Jumping Babaa Garland Swirls of Numbers Background
November 24, 2010

Complete any two Day 2 challenges.

mall_shower_labjellies.gif mall_bckground_labratory.gif
Lab Jellies Shower Labratory Background
November 25, 2010

Complete any two Day 3 challenges.

mall_trinket_winduppetpets.gif mall_trinket_darkness.gif
Wind-Up Mutant Petpets Darkness Attacks
November 26, 2010

Complete any two Day 4 challenges.

mall_shower_plushslorg.gif mall_clothing_petpetpjs.gif
Plushie Slorg Shower Petpet Pajamas
November 27, 2010

Complete any two Day 5 challenges.

mall_shoes_missmatched.gif mall_stringlights_kikomatch.gif
Missmatched Stockings and Shoes Kiko Match Stringlights
November 28, 2010

Complete any two Day 6 challenges.

mall_trinket_trampoline.gif mall_trinket_pogostick.gif
Bouncing Warf Trinket Pogo Stick Trinket
November 29, 2010

Complete any two Day 7 challenges.

mall_shirt_jail.gif mall_mask_bandit.gif
Jail Shirt Bandit Mask

Bonus prizes[edit]

At the end of the event, users received additional prizes depending on how many Neocash challenges that they completed.

1 - 6 challenges 7 challenges
mall_gmc2010_silvermedal.gif mall_gmc2010_goldmedal.gif mall_minipack_gmc2010.gif
Games Master Challenge NC Challenge 2010 Silver Medal Games Master Challenge NC Challenge 2010 Gold Medal Games Master Challenge NC Challenge 2010 Gaming Mini Pack


At the end of the event, users were rewarded with trophies based on how many challenges that they had completed. Originally, the top level trophy was intended to be given only to those users who had completed all 35 challenges. However, a glitch involving the World Class Gamer challenge on Day 7 prevented some users from completing the challenge before the end of the event. Because of this, The Neopets Team decided to award the top trophy to anyone who had completed at least 34 challenges.

GMC 2010 Trophy 1.gif GMC 2010 Trophy 5.gif GMC 2010 Trophy 10.gif GMC 2010 Trophy 15.gif
1 challenge complete 5 challenges complete 10 challenges complete 15 challenges complete
GMC 2010 Trophy 20.gif GMC 2010 Trophy 25.gif GMC 2010 Trophy 30.gif GMC 2010 Trophy 35.gif
20 challenges complete 25 challenges complete 30 challenges complete 34 challenges complete

Behind the scenes[edit]

Several of the challenge titles refer to other works:

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