Escape from Meridell Castle

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Escape from Meridell Castle
Escape from Meridell Castle
ID # 197
World Meridell
Category New Releases, Action
High Scores
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In Escape from Meridell Castle, the user plays as Valrigard, a blue Draik, and try to lead him out of the dungeons of Meridell.


The game play style is that of a side-scroller, with the user having to navigate Valrigard between platforms towards the exit in each level. There a several types of enemy that roam the dungeons with Valrigard, against most the user can use his sword.

The left and right arrow keys guide the Draik back and forth across the screen, and the user can make Valrigard fly by pressing and holding the up arrow key. While flying, an energy meter will decrease: if it is empty, the user cannot maintain flight. The energy bar recharges as Valrigard rests, standing on the floor.

The space bar directs the character to swing his sword, which can be used against most enemies. Some, however, are immune.

Castle Editor[edit]

Users can create their own dungeons which other users can play, much in the style of Hannah and the Pirate Caves or Hannah and the Ice Caves. A contest, called the Meridell Castle Spotlight, is available for those who think their level is good enough. A new dungeon is chosen from the submissions regularly for users to play for fun, where the level will be stored on the Neopets servers.

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