Wheel of Misfortune

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"You never can tell what the Wheel might give...or take away."

The Wheel of Misfortune is located in the Deserted Fairground in the Haunted Woods. Each spin costs 150 NP but can only be played once every two hours.


  • Land on the Pant Devil - An item from your inventory is stolen by the Pant Devil.
  • Land on the Pox space - Active pet comes down with a disease.
  • Land on the gift space - Receive a random gift.
  • Land on the Sludgy - Receive a Spooky petpet.
  • Land on the - NP space - Lose some Neopoints.
  • Land on the Pile of Sludge - An item from your inventory is turned into sludge and you get the Wheel of Misfortune avatar.
  • Land on the torn book - Your pet will "forget" a book and have to read it again.
  • Land on the + NP space - Win some Neopoints.


  • The Wheel of Misfortune appears to be run by a sinister Gelert according to an image in the Neopedia article.

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