Chariot Chase

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Chariot Chase
Chariot Chase
ID # 1148
World Altador
Category Action Games
High Scores
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Chariot Chase is a game released on September 4, 2009. It is also the 6th New Game Challenge.


Players choose an Alabriss and then race around the track. The goal is to complete as many laps within the time limit as they can while making sure to avoid colliding with the other chariots or running over the dung. There are three power-ups that can be picked up along the track as well.

How to Play[edit]

Use the arrow keys to move forward and to steer. The entire length of the track must be run through for a lap to count. Players have four lives to start with and every time there's a collision with one of the other six chariots, one is taken away. The other hazard to watch out for is the dung pile which, if run over, causes the chariot to slide around and be difficult to control.

While exra lives are not given out there are two power-ups, the sun and cloud, that give the chariot a temporary burst of invincibility as indicated by the yellow aura that surrounds the chariot. Once the aura begins to flash, the effects of the bonuses will wear off within 4 seconds. Getting the clock power-up slows down the other chariots but does not provide protection from collisions.


  • Some players have reported that their game ends for no reason. Despite them not losing any lives, the game just ends abruptly during the middle of the race, displaying the Game Over screen.
  • If, when the Alabriss colour options are shown, the player picks Faerie, during game play and on the Game Over screen the colour of the petpet has been changed to Ghost.

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September 4, 2009

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