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ID # 91
World Neopia Central
Category Action, Adventure, Puzzle
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This article is about the first NeoQuest game. For other uses, see NeoQuest (disambiguation)

NeoQuest is a web based role playing game created by Mr. Insane and released on October 15, 2001. It is set in the world of Ancient Neopia.


Users are put in the role of the Neoquest Hero, who is called by the name of the users current main Neopet (allowing each Neopet to have their own game). Users control his/her quest to stem back the tide of evil in the world of Neopia 1,000 years ago. Users are given an overhead view - the size of which varies depending on the light level: in a cave, one has a smaller view than outside - as they move about Neopia via clicking on the compass arrows provided. Each time the user moves in an area infested with monsters, there is a chance at a random fight with one of them. Should the user win, they receive experience and items (if they are allowed them). Experience is collected to gain levels, which make the user stronger and gives them a skill point to use. Level 50 is the max.


There are many skills a user can use to fight against monsters. They are selected with skill points (to a maximum level of 10), and once spent they cannot be taken back. A skill point in a weaker skill must be spent before it can be spent on a more powerful skill.

Fire Magic

This is the magic of violence and destruction, harnessing the powers of flame to burn your opponents down where they stand. Fire Magic focuses entirely on causing offensive damage.

  • Fire Weapons - Normal attacks have an increased chance of doing a single extra fire damage attack each time you hit. A higher skill means a greater chance of gaining the extra hit, and a greater amount of damage done with the hit. If you are wielding a Fire weapon, the chance increases even more.
  • Firepower - The Firepower skill causes your successful fire-based attacks to do more damage. This includes ALL fire damage attacks, such as attacks done by the Fire Weapons skill, Fire Ball, weapons with fire-based special powers, and fire-based damage shields. A higher skill means more damage.
  • Fire Ball - Every several rounds, you can cast a Fire Ball instead of attacking normally. The higher your skill in Fire Ball, the more damage the Fire Ball does, and the more often you can cast it.
  • Wall of Flame - Every time your opponent hits you, they take fire damage from a wall of flames. A higher skill means the wall does more damage.

Ice Magic

This is the magic of freezing and slowing, bringing the forces of frost to bear on your opponents in order to strike them and slow them down. Ice Magic focuses mostly on causing damage, with some disabling ability.

  • Ice Weapons - Normal attacks have an increased chance of doing a single extra ice damage attack each time you hit. A higher skill means a greater chance of gaining the extra hit, and a greater amount of damage done with the hit. If you are wielding an Ice weapon, the chance increases even more.
  • Heart of Ice - Your attacks have a chance of 'freezing' your opponent, preventing them from using their regular attack that round. Special attacks and abilities are not affected. A higher skill means a greater chance of success.
  • Snowball - Every several rounds, you can cast a Snowball instead of attacking. A higher skill means that you can cast the Snowball more often, and it will do more damage.
  • Glacier Strike - A Glacier Strike is a charged attack that takes three rounds to execute, but does several times normal damage! If you attack while a Glacier Strike is charging, the Strike is cancelled (you can still use special abilities). A higher skill means a greater chance of hitting once the Glacier Strike goes off.

Shock Magic

This is the magic of stunning and disabling, using the power of lightning to disable and confuse your opponents. Shock Magic focuses on stunning and disabling opponents, with some defence.

  • Shock Weapons - Normal attacks have an increased chance of stunning your opponent each time you hit. The stun lasts for 1 round. The higher your skill, the greater your chance of stunning your opponent. If you are wielding a Stun weapon, the chance increases even more.
  • Disable - Your attacks have an increased chance of reducing your opponent's defensive ability. A higher skill means that your opponent's skill is reduced by a greater amount.
  • Fortitude - You become more resistant to heat, cold, and stun. The higher your skill, the more resistance you get.
  • Shockwave - Your attacks have a chance of doing a Shockwave, causing your opponent damage and stun. The higher your skill, the greater your chance to hit, the more damage the Shockwave does, and the longer the stun lasts.

Spectral Magic

This is the magic of defence and protection, increasing your ability to avoid taking damage and mitigating the damage that you do take. Spectral Magic focuses on defence, with some counter-attack.

  • Spectral Weapons - Your defensive ability is increased. If you are wielding a Spectral Weapon, it is increased even more.
  • Evasion - You have an increased chance of evading physical attacks entirely.
  • Absorption - When used, this skill causes your opponent's next successful melee attack to, instead of damaging you, heal you slightly. The higher your skill, the more damage you heal. If you do not absorb within 5 rounds of using the skill, it wears off and you will take regular damage, so keep track!
  • Reflex - This causes your opponent's damage to be reflected back on them. The higher your skill, the higher your chance of success.

Life Magic

This is the magic of regrowth and healing, continuing the cycle of life as you make your way through the world. Life Magic focuses entirely on healing.

  • Life Weapons - This skill causes you to have a greater chance of healing as you walk around. The higher your skill, the greater your chance to heal, and the more damage you heal. In addition, healing potions are more effective if you have this skill. If you are wielding a Life weapon, the chance increases even more.
  • Field Medic - This skill gives you a chance to regenerate hit points every combat round. The higher your skill, the more points you regenerate.
  • Lifesteal - Every time you hit with your regular attack, there is a chance that a fraction of the damage you do is returned to you as health. The higher your skill, the more damage is healed.
  • Resurrection - When your health reaches zero, there is a chance you will be returned to life at 50% of your full health instead of dying. The higher your skill, the better the chance of being Resurrected.


NeoQuest I can be played in 3 different difficulty levels, which are unlocked upon beating progressively harder difficulties. Normal is the first difficulty level available, and involves the basic gameplay, which ends upon defeating Jahbal. Beating Normal difficulty unlocks Evil, which gives stronger enemies and a second final boss to defeat directly after Jahbal, Mastermind. Beating Evil unlocks Insane, which gives even more difficult enemies and one more extra boss upon the the second one from Evil, Xantan Reborn. If a user should die while playing Insane, they will start the game over from the very beginning, and not retain their level, skills, or items.


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Users are rewarded with Neopoints during gameplay for gaining levels and defeating bosses. A total of 30,625 NP can be gained from gaining all levels, and 13,250 NP is gained from all 12 bosses in regular play. And extra 7,500 and 17,500 NP can be received from the extra bosses in Evil and Insane difficulties due to the extra bosses. A trophy is also rewarded for each difficulty defeated.

When NeoQuest I was first released, a contest was held to reward the first 5 users to defeat each difficulty. These users were rewarded special Battledome Equipment and a special second set of trophies.

Although it is not listed under the highscores, Neoquest does in fact have its own version of a highscores table. When in the game clicking on Leader Boards will take you to a list of the first people to beat NeoQuest I, the fastest wins and those with the most wins. New entries into these lists do not gain a user rewards, but it allows them to at least lay claim to a certain task.

Plot summary[edit]

It all dates back to the old days of the Neopian Empire - once great and proud, it's cities lived prosperously.

There was magic in the land, and that is real magic - not the faerie one we have today. A group of powerful magicians, called the Circle Of Twelve was once assembled - and for a time it was good. Featuring Jahbal and Xantan, the group was set out to wreak havoc in Neopia some time later, as the group's leader, Jahbal, grew mad with power.

Xantan was exiled by the Circle Of Twelve, with most of his power stripped away. He has, since then, made a cave near Neopia City his home.

Being Mad, Jahbal decided to start a war against all others. Some of Empire's cities fell... others stood up to face Jahbal. So did the city of Kal Panning, and it's leader Faelinn.

Eventually, Jahbal defeated Kal Panning's defenders, and turned the city's population into zombies. The other members of the Circle seen the error of their ways (and who they were allying themselves with), and decided to get rid of Jahbal. Jahbal, however made spyed on the Council members, and decided to flee to the Two Rings Castle.

The group of wizards decided not to hunt Jahbal down, for no one knew what artefacts of power there were in his castle - and cast a sealing spell on the entire Two Rings Range. Nothing is supposed to make it throught that barrier - and at that, they settled.

Somehow, Jahbal has found a way to break through the barrier. Although he himself could never pass the barrier, his magic reached out to the outside world, and created monsters. The monsters, in turn, were ordered to hunt down The Empire's leaders - disabling the empire. Many fell, far more suffered; the seeds of destruction were sown.

Jahbal continued to create monsters... and soon the Empire collapsed. Only the most well defended cities were still standing.

So the NeoQuest Hero begins his quest of determining why Ancient Neopia has been overrun by monsters, beginning in Neopia City. After hearing from Eleus Batrin about Xantan the Foul, he goes to the Dank Cave to the west and defeats Xantan. After that, he explores to the west to Neopia City, going into a jungle and entering the Jungle Ruins.

In the Jungle Ruins, he meets a teacher in a dungeon, and helps by defeating Kreai who captured the teacher. Then, the NeoQuest Hero goes down lower into th second dungeon, and enters Gors' garden. He meets the teacher's student who is trapped in a classroom by Gors the Mighty. So he defeats Gors, and after hearing more, he goes down to the lowest dungeon level, and defeats Rollay Scaleback.

After all the bosses in the Jungle Ruins are defeated, the NeoQuest Hero moves west, crossing a swamp and entering the Desert of Roo, where he enters the Temple of Roo and goes through to defeat the Archmagus of Roo, and brings to Erick a clouded gem, which is transformed into the coruscating gem.

After that, the NeoQuest Hero goes through the Techo Caves, and enters the Mountain Fortress, where there are 5 bosses, which are the Guardian of Fire, Ice, Shock, Spectral, and Life Magic. After that, he exits the Techo Caves and goes east, and meets Eleus Batrin's former teacher Gali Yoj who tells him where to go next. So the NeoQuest Hero enters Kal Panning, where he defeats Faleinn, who gives him the key to the Two Rings Palace. So eventually, the hero goes through the Two Rings Cave, goes through the levels of Two Rings Palace, and defeats the final boss(es): Jahbal, Mastermind (only on evil & insane mode), and Xantan Reborn (only insane mode).

Time restrictions[edit]

Due to the large number of page views and popularity when the game was first available, Neopets' servers ran very slowly for some time. When it first opened, it kept bringing down the Neopets server, which was incapable of handling the game at the time. As a temporary fix, they only allowed users to play in the mornings (Eastern Standard Time), and prevented play during any other time. This ban was lifted on August 24, 2002. Since then, there have been no such restrictions and Neoquest can now be played at any given time during the day.

Additionally, if you do not touch your game for over a year it may be permanently purged by TNT.


  • The avatar NeoQuest - Wise and Powerful can be gained by defeating the Archmagus of Roo and giving the Clouded Gem to Erick.
  • There is a section of the Techo Caves which is locked off by a door, and as of May 2012 remains unexplored. The Neopets Team hasn't given any clues how it can be explored.
  • NeoQuest was first mentioned in the New Features section on 28 September 2001.

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