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ID # 155
World Meridell
Category Luck & Chance, Puzzle
High Scores
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Cheeseroller (sometimes written Cheese Roller) is a PHP game of chance in Meridell, based on a similar real life event. Users buy a specific cheese from the seller, and then see how fast they can roll it down a hill with it. If the user manages to get the cheese down to the bottom of the hill in under a minute, then they keep the cheese. Neopoints are awarded upon how fast the user gets down the hill, and what cheese was bought.

How to play[edit]

The user first must buy a cheese to play with. Different cheeses cost different prices, and there is no list of all the available types on the website. The player then must race their active Neopet and and chosen cheese down the downhill track.

The cheeseroller hill is 120m long. Players interact with their active Neopet chasing the cheese they have bought through a selection of choices at each 10m stage of the track. Users can choose from a list of five activities which action to perform:

  • Forward Somersault
  • Push Cheese Faster
  • Hold Cheese Steady
  • Dive Left
  • Dive Right
The Cheeseroller merchant.

Each activity has a different effect on obstacles that are randomly generated, either to slow the cheese's progression or speed it up. Obstacles include rocks to the left or right, low branches, and potholes.

Neopoints awarded at the end is based on the time taken to complete the 120m. Should the user complete the track in under 60 seconds, they are given the cheese also.

Cheese Types[edit]

There 29 different types of cheese available to purchase for the game. They are, in order of price, from cheapest to most expensive:

  • Spicy Juppie Cheese -- 150 NP
  • Smoked Snorkle Cheese -- 300 NP
  • Triple Mustard Cheese -- 450 NP
  • Honey Cheese -- 600 NP
  • Big Beefy Cheese -- 750 NP
  • Purple Spotted Cheese -- 900 NP
  • Brain Cheese -- 1050 NP
  • Alkenore Cheese -- 1200 NP
  • Mutated Cheese -- 1350 NP
  • Bubbling Blueberry Cheese -- 1500 NP
  • Tyrannian Dung Cheese -- 1650 NP
  • Quadruple Fudge Cheese -- 1800 NP
  • Brick Cheese -- 1950 NP
  • Gooey Snot Cheese -- 2100 NP
  • Peppermint Cheese -- 2250 NP
  • Overgrown Cheese -- 2400 NP
  • Heavy Bark Cheese --2550 NP
  • Warty Blue Cheese -- 2700 NP
  • Fragrant Ummagcheese --2850 NP
  • Furry Chocomint Cheese -- 3000 NP
  • Mummified Cheese -- 3150 NP
  • Nimmo Tube Cheese -- 3300 NP
  • Space Cheese -- 3450 NP
  • Angelpuss Cheese -- 3600 NP
  • Meaty Cheese Cheese -- 3750 NP
  • Potato Cheese Cheese -- 3900 NP
  • Very Stinky Cheese Cheese -- 4050 NP
  • Fishy Cheese Cheese -- 4200 NP
  • Shiny Golden Cheese -- 4350NP


  • The Meaty, Potato, Very Stinky, and Fishy cheeses, while all having an actual item picture, appear in the game as a broken image.
  • Released on September 13, 2005, the Techo - Cheesy avatar is randomly awarded when completing Cheeseroller in 60 seconds or less.

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