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Feed Florg
Feed Florg
ID # 645
World Virtupets Space Station
Category Action
High Scores
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Feed Florg is a game in which the player uses a robotic hand to prevent various Petpets from escaping before they can be eaten by Florg. It was first released on August 2, 2002. On March 15, 2006, the game was given a major update that included improved graphics and a new game engine.

How to play[edit]

A game of Feed Florg in progress.

When the player starts the game, they will see an empty round table and a robotic hand positioned at the edge of the table. Depending on which options have been set, the player can use either the left and right arrow keys or the mouse pointer to move the robotic hand around the edge of the table. Every once and a while, a strange machine will lower a Petpet onto the table. The goal of the game is to try and keep the lowered Petpets on the table long enough for Florg to eat them.

When a Petpet is first set on the table, it will move in a straight line toward the edge of the table. The player can prevent the Petpet from leaving the table by blocking it with the robotic hand. When the Petpet strikes the hand it will bounce off of the hand and move in the opposite direction at a slightly higher speed.

At random intervals, Florg will flick out his tongue and gobble up one of the Petpets on the table. Whenever Florg eats a Petpet, the player is awarded 10 points. The player also earns 1 point every time they use the hand to prevent a Petpet from leaving the table. The player starts the game with five lives. Every time a Petpet escapes from the table, the player loses one life. The game ends when the player has no lives remaining.

Featured Petpets[edit]

There are six Petpets that a featured in this game. They are all worth the same number of points:


Since February 17, 2006, user have been able to unlocked the following avatar by playing this game:

Florg.gif Chia - Florg
Score 250 points or more in the game Feed Florg.


  • To celebrate this game's update, the new features page was Feed Florg themed on March 15, 2006.

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