Wrath of the Snowager

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Wrath of the Snowager
Wrath of the Snowager
ID # 1269
World Terror Mountain
Category Action, Classics
High Scores
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Wrath of the Snowager is an action game released on December 21, 2010. Users play as the Snowager as he tries to retrieve some of his hoard stolen by a Chia thief. The gameplay is similar to the freestyle mode of Meerca Chase.

How to play[edit]

Each level of the game takes place on a closed map, with different obstacles in the way. The player can turn the Snowager with the left and right arrow keys to avoid the obstacles and chase after the Chia thief. The thief runs around the level, occasionally dropping an item of loot or a pick up. The player must guide the Snowager into the loot to pick it up.

The player can run into the Chia - this will temporarily incapacitate him and force him to drop three items of loot. They can also use the space bar to make the Snowager fire a short icy blast - this will freeze the Chia if it hits him, and if the Snowager runs into him while he is frozen he will drop five items of loot. After recovering from being hit, the Chia will be temporarily invulnerable and flash white. Every so often while running away, the Chia will flash purple and attract nearby pieces of loot to him, where he can pick them up again. After a short period of time, dropped loot will begin to blink white and will eventually disappear if not collected. After loot has disappeared, the Chia may drop it again.

The meter at the top of the level shows how much of the loot the Chia still has and how much the Snowager has reclaimed. It also keeps track of the Snowager's lives and how many icy blasts the player has left for that level. The more items the Snowager has, the longer its tail grows. If the Snowager runs into its tail, the wall, or a structure, it loses a life.

There are three difficulty modes: Easy, Medium, and Hard. On higher difficulties, more items are required to complete each level and the loot disappears faster. The Chia gets slightly faster in later levels, which is more pronounced in higher difficulties. There is also more variety in the loot that may be dropped on higher difficulties.

The first 4 levels take place in the Ice Caves, the next 4 levels take place in the Happy Valley, and the last 4 levels take place on the top of the mountain.

Items needed per level[edit]

Level Level Title Easy Medium Hard
1 Give Back My Loot! 12 12 20
2 Chase the Chia 12 12 20
3 Slide Carefully 12 13 20
4 Ice-Cold Pursuit 13 14 21
5 Welcome to the Valley 13 14 21
6 Snowy Trails 13 15 21
7 Getting Tougher 14 16 22
8 Watch Out For Trees 14 17 22
9 Peak of Danger 14 17 22
10 Tight Turns 15 18 23
11 Chia Chaos 15 19 23
12 The Last Loot 16 20 24

Pick ups[edit]

There are nine types of pick ups the thief may drop. The player can collect these by running over them as well. Two types of these are harmful, and are red. The others are beneficial, and are green:

  • Lose Loot - These pick ups show a number on them - when collected, the Snowager will drop that many items. The item count cannot go negative.
  • Slow Down - This slows down the Snowager.
  • Speed Boost - This speeds up the Snowager.
  • Icy blast - This gives the Snowager another icy blast to use.
  • Attract Loot - This attracts the on-screen loot to the Snowager.
  • Freeze thief - This freezes the Chia thief in place for a short period.
  • More Loot - This makes the Chia drop all his remaining loot at once.
  • Score Multiplier - For a short period of time, all the points the player receives are multiplied by the number indicated.
  • Extra lives - This gives the player an extra life.

List of items[edit]

This is the list of items from the Chia's loot and the points for each item.


  • Seashell Keyring: 402 points
  • Sticky Snowflake Keyring: 672 points
  • Banana Plushie: 850 points
  • Tea Time Acara Plushie: 900 points
  • Snow Architecture: 914 points
  • Spardel Plushie: 956 points


  • Sutek's Riches Scratchcard: 1400 points
  • Christmas Gnorbu Plushie: 1766 points
  • Scorched Treasure Scratchcard: 1800 points
  • Scarab Negg: 1830 points


  • Platinum Negg: 2000 points
  • Mutant Negg: 3000 points
  • Sloth Negg: 4000 points
  • Jewelled Negg: 5000 points
  • Snowager Petpet Bed: 5000 points
  • Snowager Stained Glass Window: 5000 points
  • Snowager Usuki: 6000 points
  • Pink Faerie Snowball: 6778 points
  • Bullseye Snowball: 9520 points
  • Itsy Bitsy Tiny Snowball: 27500 points


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