Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway

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Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway
Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway
ID # 734
World Haunted Woods
Category Action
High Scores
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Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway is an action game of Neopets, allowing the user to control Bruno, who escaped Neovia (as detailed in the The Tale of Woe). You have to collect potions in an attempt to help save the town from the curse. It was released on November 17, 2006. The monsters are all mutated townspeople; the tall yellow wocky, the huge green kacheek, a purple and white techo, and a brown guy who is either a yurble or an acara. The levels are called (in order); "The Backwoods", "Haunted Hunt", "Amazing Maze", "Hide-N-Seek", "The Gauntlet", "Treetop Terror", "Neovian Nightmare", " Point Of No Return*", "Corridor Chaos", "Platform Panic", "The Tunnels", and lastly, "Chamber Of Horrors". Point Of No return is harder than the others, you have to 'dig' through the ground by jumping and pausing repeatedly. Or at least, that's how I do it.

How to play[edit]

After escaping deep into the Haunted Woods, Bruno begin to collect potions and bring them back to his cave while dodging the townspeople of Neovia. Bruno can be moved left of right by the accompaning arrow keys, and jumps with the spacebar. Bruno collects potions by walking over them, and can deposit them (one at a time or all at once) at his cave by pressing the spacebar while standing near it. Pressing the "P" button on the keyboard will also pause the game.

Each level is built so that it repeats itself into every direction, giving the user the possibility to run through it until the level is conquered or the user has lost all their lives. Some levels also contain walls which can be jumped through by stepping into the bricks and jumping or stepping into the desired direction.

Assorted cursed villagers wander the levels, some walking back and forth across ledges while others will jump and fall off ledges. Should Bruno come close to them, they will throw a rock in his direction, which will knock Bruno unconscious, and the user loses a life and starts the level over. The user has a total of three lives, and gameplay end when the user loses all three lives or completes the game.

Points are gained by potions being dropped off at the cave, with a bonus given for more potions dropped off all at once. Due to the fixed amount of potions in the 12 levels of the game, the maximum score the user can achieve is 5180. Because of this, the high score table is flooded with users who have achieved the highest score, making each day's trophy winners random.


  • lookoutbruno - typed in during gameplay, an extra life will be given.
  • monstermovie - typed in during gameplay, will toggle the colour display to black and white and back (may cause problems in older versions of the Flash player).


  • Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway was featured in the Games Master Challenge of 2006 and 2007, and in Daily Dare on March 6, 2007 (coincided with Gelert Day).
  • The black and white display shown when the code monstermovie is inputted is a homage to older horror films of the past, which were shown in black and white.
  • In the game, you actually have 4 lives (counting the zero). Therefore, if the cheat code lookoutbruno is used, it takes the limit up to 5.

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