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Castle Battles
Castle Battles
ID # 430
World Brightvale
Category Action, Brain Busters
High Scores
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Castle Battles is a 3D action game showing the early years of Hagan and Skarl when they were still children. Growing up at the Royal Nursery, Hagan and Skarl had a rivalry through a gamr they played with their PluckoNM blocks. They would both try and build the biggest castle, and then take it in turns to knock each others down.

How to play[edit]

Playing as Hagan, the users objective is to shoot a cannonball over to Skarl's castle and knock the gold treasure outside of the red square. For additional points, the castle can be destroyed the along with the Meridell flags. At beginning of play, the user selects what type of castle Hagan will be using, then click and drag the green square with the gold treasure to the desired location in the castle.

After this, the user must take out Skarl's treasure box before their own is. Using the arrow keys to aim the cannon, the user holds the Space Bar down to build up power and then lets go to release the cannonball. All damage that is done to the users castle stays with the user until the end of play. The castles of King Skarl's which are defeated will be unlocked for the user to select for gameplay.

Hints and Tips[edit]

  • supercannonball: This code create a giant American football-shaped cannonball that can make destroying the opponent's castle much easier, but care must be taken to avoid firing it at oneself. While on the ground, the cannonball can be steered using the left and right arrow keys.


  • There is a book titled Castle Battles Game Guide which is said to give hints, tips and strategies to get a high score. However, reading this book or having it in a users inventory will not affect gameplay.

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