Hannah and the Kreludor Caves

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Hannah and the Kreludor Caves
Hannah and the Kreludor Caves
ID # 1269
World Kreludor
Category Action, Adventure
High Scores
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Hannah and the Kreludor Caves, an action game released on September 10, 2010, is the third in a series of platformers featuring the adventure-seeking Usul barmaid, Hannah. In her latest pursuit for treasure, Hannah explores the dangerous caverns of Kreludor, where she must watch her oxygen and fuel levels in addition to hazards such as spikes and steep falls. As in Hannah and the Pirate Caves, there is a level editor provided for users to create their own maps. Each week, The Neopets Team spotlights the best user-submitted level.

How to play[edit]

The goal of the game is to collect treasure and pick up the colored keys to open new areas. Hannah moves using the left and right arrow keys. Up or spacebar will cause her to jump, while holding them down uses the booster pack to fly temporarily; however, this depletes fuel. Down helps Hannah crawl through small spaces.


  • When Hannah drops too quickly, a yellow exclamation mark appears and she would lose a life if she hits the ground unless she slows down. When she falls, she drops faster and faster but after the exclamation mark appears, her dropping veloity stops increasing and remains constant. This is because she has reached terminal velocity.
  • You can get extra health in every level except in Levels 1, 6, and 8, though they are all in hard-to-each places.
  • There are keys in every level except for Level 9, a level with a huge drop-off.
  • There are oxygen tanks in every level except for Levels 4 and 14, the latter being much more troublesome as the area is huge and requires the player to be very fast.
  • A lot of players have trouble navigating the huge jump across spikes on Level 4. The same challenge is also present on Levels 8 and 12.
  • Levels 9 and 13 both involve huge drop-offs from start to finish.
  • Levels 3 and 10 both involve ducking and crawling across a large area of ceiling spikes to get an extra life. In Level 12 the player must also crawl under a even larger area of spikes to complete the level.
  • Levels 4, 12, and 15 have the most spikes out of any level in the game. Levels 1 and 5 have the least spikes.
  • Without oxygen, the player must complete a level in exactly 85 seconds if on a fast computer.

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