Wheel of Extravagance

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The Wheel of Extravagance is a hidden game of chance located in Qasala, released on 14 May 2011. It is operated by a Red Tonu bedecked in jewellery. It is the most expensive of the wheel games, at 100,000 NP per spin.


Landing on:

  • The X wins nothing;
  • The small bag of Neopoints wins 25,000 NP;
  • The Nerkmid wins a Job Coupon, Nerkmid, or a Secret Laboratory Map Piece;
  • The Paint Brush wins a Paint Brush;
  • The medium bag of Neopoints wins 50,000 NP;
  • The picture frame wins the High Roller avatar;
  • The mountain scene wins the Wheel of Extravagance background;
  • The flexing arm wins five addition statistic points for the active Neopet;
  • The large bag of Neopoints wins 100,001 NP;
  • The stamp wins the Wheel of Extravagance stamp;
  • The pair of flexing arms wins ten addition statistic points for the active Neopet;
  • The Scorchstone wins a rarity 100 item.

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