Word Pyramid

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Word Pyramid
Word Pyramid
ID # 575
World Lost Desert
Category Puzzle
High Scores
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Word Pyramid is a puzzle game where players must help Amarna spell words out of the letters on triangular tiles. It was released on 14 September 2005.

How to play[edit]

Neodex is not an accepted word.

The game begins with a pyramid of triangular tiles, each of which has a letter written on it. Every two seconds, a new tile tumbles down the side of the pyramid.

Players must spell words by clicking on tiles adjacent to each other. Players can add a letter to a word if its tile touches any of the tiles already in the word. As they spell out a word, it appears on the top right. To deselect a letter, the player clicks the tile again. This will also deselect any letters that came after it.

While vowels appear on triangular tiles as well, the player can buy additional vowels in exchange for game points from the menu on the right. Buying a vowel will add it as the next letter in the word the player is writing. If they delete it, the vowel disappears and a new one must be bought. Bought vowels also disappear if the player adds a letter after them, and then deletes that letter. The cost of each vowel starts at ten points, but will raise by one point every time the player buys one. When a blank tile is clicked, the player chooses a vowel for it to be, for free. This vowel will not disappear if it is not used immediately - it will stay as that letter, on a tile, until the tile is used.

Once a complete word is made, the player submits it by pressing the return key, the space bar, or clicking the 'Go' button. If it is a valid word, the tile disappear, the player earns points, and the tiles above tumble down into the gap. Plays score more points for longer words, and double points (and hear a special chime) for Neopian words. Not all Neopets related words count for double points, and some unexpected ones do - for example, faerie doesn't count as a Neopian word, but rod does.

Only words between two and eight letters long may be made.

Number of letters Normal word score Neopian word score
2 9 18
3 18 16
4 30 60
5 45 90
6 63 126
7 84 168
8 100 200

The game has a time limit. Players start with 99 seconds, but earn extra time whenever they submit a word. Longer words award more time than shorter words. If the player clears all the tiles on the screen, they earn 250 bonus points and receive a new pyramid.


  • This game uses the font Herakles for the score counter and buttons, and Verdana for the letter tiles themselves.

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