The Castle of Eliv Thade

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The Castle of Eliv Thade
The Castle of Eliv Thade
ID # 230
World Haunted Woods
Category Brain Buster, Puzzle
High Scores
Game Page

In the game you control Gilly, a poor Usul who was lost in the woods and accidentally stumbled into the Castle of Eliv Thade seeking shelter. As you enter, the heavy iron door slams shut, and locks behind you. Uh oh.

How to play[edit]

To escape, you must visit all four rooms, and collect an item from each, and then head to the Crypt to put the spirit of Eliv Thade to rest. Beware, this terrible spirit has been driven insane over the years and will do anything he can to stop you escaping his domain.

You can move 1, 2, or 3 spaces using the mouse, but beware - each time you move Thade will give you an anagram, and the further you try to move the harder the anagram will be! Watch out for the cracked floor also - you don't want to fall into the basement, oh no, that would be bad!


  • There are no items in the Crypt.
  • Type rehaxtint into the box, erase it, and then click on Letter Hint to receive an extra hint.
  • There is an avatar related to the game that was released on January 28, 2004. To get it, successfully send a score of 1,200+
  • The items that Gilly collects in each room have an anagram in their name:
    • Sword of Skardsen = Sword of Darkness
    • Shield of Pion Troect = Shield of Protection
    • Amulet of Thilg = Amulet of Light
    • Grimoire of Thade = Grimoire of Death

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