Itchy Invasion

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Itchy Invasion
Itchy Invasion
ID # 713
World Virtupets Space Station
Category Action
High Scores
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Itchy Invasion is a rail shooter game release on 15 September 2006. Players control an Alien Aisha named Eamann has he attempts to cure his Petpets of Petpetpets. Using a special suit developed by a Space Station scientist, Eamann has shrunk himself down to Petpetpet-size and intends to cure his Petpets by shooting the pests with Pest-B-Gone.


Eamann passes through six stages, each one on a different Petpet. In order, they are a Noil, a Warf, a Babaa, a Puppyblew, a Meowclops, and a Faellie. The different Petpets require different numbers of Petpetpets to be blasted to complete the level, and Eamann moves through later levels faster.

  • Noil - requires 25 Petpetpets to be blasted;
  • Warf - requires 28 Petpetpets to be blasted;
  • Babaa - requires 30 Petpetpets to be blasted;
  • Puppyblew - requires 35 Petpetpets to be blasted;
  • Meowclops - requires 38 Petpetpets to be blasted;
  • Faellie - requires 40 Petpetpets to be blasted.

As Eamann proceeds across the Petpet, the player must shoot the Petpetpets they see. The player aims with the mouse and shoots with the left mouse button. There are five different Petpetpets, each worth different numbers of points:

There are two robotic Petpetpets the player encounters as well. The pink one wipes out all Petpetpets on screen when shot, while the green one replenishes Eamann's supply of Pest-B-Gone. The second of these is especially important - if Eamann runs out of Pest-B-Gone, as shown in the meter at the top of the screen, before blasting enough Petpetpets to pass the level, then the game is over.

They player can miss shooting some Petpetpets in order to wait for higher scoring ones to appear - however, every missed Petpetpet contributes to the level's Itch-o-Meter. When that meter is full, the game is over. The player gets bonus points at the end of the round for how empty their Itch-o-Meter is - 75 points for a completely empty meter.

The player can type "pest" once per game to replenish their Pest-B-Gone meter.

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