Hannah and the Ice Caves (game)

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Hannah and the Ice Caves
Hannah and the Ice Caves
ID # 473
World Terror Mountain
Category New Releases, Action
High Scores
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This article is about the game Hannah and the Ice Caves. If you are looking for the plot, see Hannah and the Ice Caves

Hannah and the Ice Caves (abbreviated HatIC) is an action game released on October 27, 2004. It is the second game in a series featuring Hannah the Usul. In this platformer, users simultaneously control Hannah and Armin to escape the Ice Caves. The game is loosely based on the plot of the same name, Hannah and the Ice Caves.

How to play[edit]

To complete each level you must guide both Hannah and Armin to the exit. Open the door by collecting every piece of treasure on the level. There are 25 normal levels and 5 extra ones at the end of the game that can be unlocked when the normal ones have been completed.

To play, use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to jump but be careful of the icy ground. Use the S key to switch between Hannah and Armin. The characters have limitations to what actions they can perform. Hannah can swim and jump higher than Armin, while he can tunnel through the snow and destroy the icy skeletons by running them over.


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