Attack of the Slorgs

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Attack of the Slorgs
Attack of the Slorgs
ID # 386
World Meridell
Category Action
High Scores
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Attack of the Slorgs is a Shockwave game from Meridell on Neopets.


Meridell. Home to some of the finest fruits and vegetables in the whole of Neopia. At least that is true most of the time, for when the icky, nasty Slorgs decide they are hungry there is not a farmer in the land who can stop them.

In Attack of the Slorgs you play a resourceful Yurble farmer who has decided to take things into his own hands. You have spent the last few weeks making your Slorgeriser X4, a machine that spits out balls of Slorg-B-Gone.

How to play[edit]

Slorgs can only be repelled by balls of pulsating Slorg-B-Gone in groups of 3 or more that are all the same colour as the the Slorg-B-Gone balls. You can aim with a red laser at first but it will stop working after a while. Some Slorg-B-Gone balls have more effects than just getting rid of slorgs:

  • Super Destruct (pink pulsating ball) - blows up the entire line of Slorgs
  • Puddle Splat (grey pulsating ball) - changes all visible Slorgs to one colour
  • Super Slorgerizer (brown pulsating ball) - blows up the 4 surrounding Slorgs
  • Slowdown (green pulsating ball) - temporarily slows the line down
  • Slorg Block (blue pulsating ball) - stops the line temporarily
  • Multislorg (red pulsating ball) - the only power up that has a good/bad effect; adds 5 slorgs to the start of the line

But if you get non-pulsating ball that says “Revenge of the Slorgs”, just fire it off the screen otherwise it will reverse the controls for the Slorgerizer.

Use the arrow keys to aim the Slorgeriser right and left, and press the Space Bar to fire.

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