Faerie Crossword

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Faerie Crossword
Faerie Crossword
ID # 27
World Faerieland
Category Brain Busters, Puzzle
High Scores
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Faerie Crossword is a web based crossword puzzle game which can be found in Faerieland since January 29, 2001. Users help the Library Faerie fill in a crossword puzzle which is replaced with a new puzzle every day. Answers are always placed from left-to-right or up-to-down, and they never go down-to-up or right-to-left. A fixed amount of Neopoints is rewarded based on the amount of time taken to complete the puzzle. Prizes can only be collected once a day, but the puzzle can be played over and over again until the next days puzzle.

  • Solve puzzle in less than 5 minutes - 600 neopoints
  • Solve puzzle in less than 15 minutes - 400 neopoints
  • Solve puzzle in more than 15 minutes - 200 neopoints

Answers can be either common knowledge or can require looking up certain details on Neopets. Because the questions and answers reused regularly, several help sites, such as PinkPT post the answers to the puzzles every day (when possible). Completing the puzzle for the first time will give you the Library Faerie avatar.


  • There is a Book titled Faerie Crossword Book said to be filled with hundreds of magical crosswords that keep changing every time it's read.

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