Darigan Dodgeball

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Darigan Dodgeball
Darigan Dodgeball
ID # 1139
World Darigan Citadel
Category Action
High Scores
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Darigan Dodgeball is a game released on August 6, 2009 as the 4th New Game Challenge.


The goal is to keep the Darigan Kiko from colliding with the four flying spiked dodgeballs or the wall for as long as possible.

How to Play[edit]

The mechanics of the game are simple and require only the use of the mouse. To start, click on the Kiko and hold down the mouse button as you move the Kiko around. Letting go of the button, or hitting the dodgeballs or the wall will automatically end the game. The game moves slowly at first but starts to pick up speed as the timer progresses.

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New Game Challenge 4
August 6, 2009

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