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Description: Kiko
Info Page: Kiko
Special Day: 17 July
Amount Created: 1,160,056 (44th - 0.41%)
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The Kiko is an amphibious Neopet and one of the original Neopets created on November 15, 1999. Kikos could originally be adopted at any time but became Limited Edition around the time Kiko Lake was introduced. A warning was given about the change on July 10, 2003, when 990,950 Kikos were created. Kikos come in a variety of colours, and are one of the few Neopets who can be painted in different food items, such as Chokato (with the Chia) and Garlic, colours which come easily to the Kiko due its shape. They are also one of the of the few Neopets which have access to more than one Lab Ray exclusive colour, with Clay and Garlic (shared with the Jubjub).

Kikos come from Kiko Lake and other aquatic regions of Neopia, capable of breathing underwater (though they can still travel on land). They have the appearance of a sphere, bearing only two arms. Their arms are used to travel in the water, enabling them to travel at high speeds. It is known from the official Neopets description that they are just as happy on land as in water, however, they dislike very dry places and need to be near water when young. To move about on land, Kikos bounce around like the Blumaroo, but can also float in the air without any visible source of propulsion, similar to the Peophin. A notable feature of Kikos is the bandage they have on their head. How it came to be on the Kiko and what its purpose is unknown. Due to the similarity of a Kiko's appearance and a rubber ball, the patch could perhaps be a "quick fix", similar as to how people fixed air filled rubber balls in real life.

In the Neopets Trading Card Game, Kikos are associated with the element of Water.


Kikos are currently available in the following colours:


  • As of March 2010, 1.1 million Kikos have been created (limited number of 1,116,400), placing them 44th in popularity. They are also featured in 407 different items.
  • It was featured as a Plushie in a Neopets McDonalds promotion.
  • The design of the current Kiko was updated on October 31, 2000. The Christmas colour of the Kiko was updated on December 17, 2001, to "look more seasonal". The Mutant colour was updated on March 12, 2002.
  • If a Kiko eats a Chokato Chia Pop since July 15, 2005, their colour turns to Chokato.
  • A Darigan Kiko appears in the original fight between Meridell and the Darigan Citadel; it also appears in one caption contest. The Darigan Kiko colour wasn't released until well after both of these events on the 9 August 2009.

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