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More information about the presence of Snot in Neopets (characters, food, etc.)
For The Neopets Team staff member, see Snot (TNT)

Snot is the colloquial term used to refer to nasal mucus, which is green, disgusting, and something most Neopians would rather avoid. It is prevalent in gross foods, wearables, and books.


Released on January 6, 2004, Snot is one of the many colours that users can paint their Neopets. Neopets can only be transformed into the Snot colour by the Lab Ray or a Fountain Faerie Quest. Currently, these Neopets are available in this colour:


  • The only Snot-like Petpet is the Snotbunny. It is considered a separate species from the Snowbunny.
  • There is a Snot Arkmite that exists in the Neopets servers but was never released.

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